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DIY-paper crane mobile

I’ve had a thing for mobiles for some time now. You don’t have to have a baby to have a mobile and some of the simple paper ones are just darling. Most of the designs out there you can make yourself with materials you have around the house. An origami mobile is a really easy way to add dimension to any room and the possibilities are endless.

This crane is uber simple to make. All you’ll need is paper of your choice of any color. I chose white because I like the monochromatic look and fits into any room. There are a lot of paper crane tutorials out there, but I found a really nicely illustrated version that was created by Allison over at Unruly Things. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and were created in my favorite color, mustard! Need to see it being done in a video. Go here! Looking for other origami animals? Try HereHere, & Here.

Once you have all your cranes made, string them like beads on either fishing line or thread. Space the cranes evenly and tie a knot under each crane to keep them from sliding up and down the string. I decided to create multiple strands of cranes at varying length and organize them in a line. You could always organize them as a cluster. I used a dowel rode to hold all my strands, but you could use anything!

Here are some images for inspiration:

1Puka Puka Mobiles 2Projekt Mr. Moustache 3Royal Buffet Etsy Shop
4Modern Baby CO.

Would love to see your mobiles you’ve created. Send em my way!

4 comments on “DIY-paper crane mobile

  1. I love paper cranes! I’ve wanted to make a mobile of them for quite some time now but have yet to get around to it – I also don’t have a little one to make it for. Great inspiration photos too!

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