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DIY: paper flower valentines day garland

I saw the cutest paper roses stuck to branches and I knew those roses would look better attached to some garland. So in the spirit of the approaching holiday, I bring you a super easy DIY project.

What you’ll need:
All you’ll need is colored construction paper/card stock paper, sissors, double sided tape, and thread/rope/twine of some sort.


1- Start by drawing a spiral on a square piece of paper. 4in X 4in seemed to work pretty good for me.
2- Cut out the spiral by cutting along the lines you’ve drawn.
3- Once you’ve cut along the lines you will have a lose spiral that you can start rolling.
4- Begin to roll, starting with the outside end and working your way towards the center. Rolling will naturally form a rose shape.
5- Secure the spiral with double sided tape so that it doesn’t unravel.
6- Wa-la. you now have a rose that you can attach to anything. I attached mine to a strand of fabric with thread. Easy peezy.

Once I made all the paper roses I attached them to a braided strand of fabric and hung the garland on my head board. The coral colored roses matched my coral colored pillow cases, so it was a perfect match.

I look forward to some more V-Day inspired projects. If you have any must-share ideas, please let me know. I’m always on the search for the next project. Don’t forget that you can ask me anything you’d like by clicking on the image below.
Have fun and enjoy your weekend!

7 comments on “DIY: paper flower valentines day garland

  1. just a beginner with these flowers that I love if you go on my blog I took Christmas branches that I had put glued it to piece of wood and added the roses. I think it looks great. Thank you for showing DIY Now I wanted to know how big can you make them????

    1. Suzie,
      Thanks for trying out the DIY and letting me know how you used them. I think the bigger the piece of paper, the bigger the flower. I’ve never tried to make any large ones, but that sounds fun!

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