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photo journaling: a photo an hour

I’ve always love looking through other’s blogs and finding the “photo an hour” posts. I think these posts have such great personality and show you little snippets from the lives of the bloggers we adore. I took a stab at this little challenge, and although I didn’t get a picture exactly every hour, I think it captured what I did yesterday when I had the day off. Enjoy!

“Wake up” chai

Mid morning snack

lazy days = lazy kitty

a snapshot of quilting “hell”

catching up on blogging

taking the pup out for a walk

taco dinner. yummy cilantro!

Well, that was kind of fun. I’ll have to try that again when I’m having a more exciting day. I was playing with camera setting today and was please when I was able to take all of these photos in the manual setting. Go me!

4 comments on “photo journaling: a photo an hour

  1. I love these – a photo an hour is a great challenge to set! All too often my photos revolve around food and my pets, so this would be a great way to force myself to diversify by subjects. I love what you came up with – looks like a great lazy day!

  2. I can tell you got a new camera, arn’t they amazing. The DSL is the way to go! It will be very difficult for anyone to take 1 picture an hour. Set a goal to take 1 picture every day, and set a theme for each day of the week.

  3. yesss love it.. you should definitely do another! i have the same issue.. i really want to do this, but i feel like every photo would be “this is my laptop….” “this is my laptop again…” etc. haha.. my life is so glamorous i can’t even handle it. i’ll give it a try soon though..

    hey! you like cilantro! i’m pretty sure that makes you less of a picky eater than you think you are. Cilantro is definitely one of those love/hate foods. i’m on the love side for sure.

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