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definition of a perfect day: farmer's market


This farmers market is amazing and open all year long. The fruit/veggie stands are covered with an overhang so you can even go on a rainy day. The boy and I bought some stuff to make a healthy lunch- pineapple, stuff to make a salad, grapes and a cucumber. I love how you can walk out of there only spending a couple dollars and you know you’ve spent your money well. As we were walking out the boy asked me if I’d like to pick out some flowers to take home. Of course I did, so we went all the way back through the market to find the perfect bouquet.

Once home we washed and chopped all of our fresh produce and put the gorgeous wild flower type flowers into a vase. We made lunch and then plopped ourselves in front of the television for the next couple hours watching Shameless on Showtime. After a few episodes I read a few chapters of my current book and took a solid 2-hour nap. Pefection.

Once we were rested after our afternoon nap it was getting late in the day. Our neighborhood also had it’s first “concert in the park” that night, so we thought we’d take the pup on a walk and enjoys some tunes from a local band. We walked slowly taking in the steamy hot evening, listening to the end of the concert and letting the pup smell anything and everything on our way home. The rest of the night was filled with more and more Shameless. The end.


6 comments on “definition of a perfect day: farmer's market

  1. Beautiful photos of your local famers market. Somehow I don’t make it to the ones in my city often enough. The bunnies are so sweet! I hope no one was buying them for bunny stew. eek!

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