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a stroll through the gardens

I hope you guys aren’t getting bored with me talking about our trip to Portland. I sure did take a lot of photos and love sharing everything with you. One of my favorite things we did while in Portland was visit the well know Japanese and Rose Gardens in the city’s Forest Park. Oh my golly were the Japanese gardens gorgeous. I couldn’t help but imagine little fairies living throughout the space. Everything felt peaceful, perfectly crafted, and completely untouchable. You walk through the space oooooing & ahhhhing and saying things like “how’d they get that to do THAT”. We loved it.

The Rose Garden was pretty, but didn’t live up to the Japanese Gardens. I know a lot of work must of went into creating all those rose bush varieties, but those Japanese….;)

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9 comments on “a stroll through the gardens

  1. You really have such a wonderful style with your photographs. I love how soft and muted your palette is. The roses are absolutely beautiful. I’d love to visit Portland sometime.

  2. I visited Portland in January with my best friend and we really wanted to hit up both of these gardens but they were closed while we were in town. At least I get to see a little snippet from your beautiful photos. Makes me miss Portland!

  3. Hey thanks for stopping by! I honestly cannot remember what drew me over to your blog but I am glad I did. I really enjoy your aesthetic and what you share here. Have agood day!

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