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E-course contributor: Make Art a Part of Your Life

I was flattered when Kaitlyn of isavirtue  asked me to be a contributor in her e-course , Make Art a Part of Your Life (Register Today). I jumped on the opportunity and you’ll find my contributions in the paper crafts and thrifting sections. It was a fun combination of sharing some gained knowledge in an article about thrifting (for you and your business) as well as sharing one of my favorite hobbies, making mini paper journals. I look forward to seeing all the other girls contributed projects.

Others who have contributed:
Erin from Sunshine & Carousels (Cooking: baking & decorating)
Kristy from Gastronomical Sovereignty (Cooking: cooking)
Kait from Kait Souch Blog (Design: typography)
Zoe from Pretty Zoo (Design: photoshop design)
Lindsay from Scenic Glory (Design: graphic design)
Hannah from 17 Inch Heart  ( Photography: portraits)
Rachell from No Mark at All (Photography: nature)
Maggie from Maggie Keegan Gross Photography (Photography: portraits)
Natalia from I Could Make That (Stitching: felting)
Mollie from Wild Olive (Stitching: embroidery)
Tara from Sew Tara (Stitching: sewing)
Nataly from Beautifully Elegant (Jewelry: earrings)
Kristina from Buy Some Love (Jewelry: beaded bracelets)
Sonya from Fishnets and Hip Checks (Jewelry: friendship bracelets)
Ping from Pings Zoo (Drawing)
Lyzi from Being Little (Drawing)
Lily from Little Birds (Drawing)
Julia from Julia Luckett (Painting: oils)
Jessica from Jessica Durrant Watercolours (Painting: watercolors)

E-Course details:
– 8 week E-course that will assist you in opening your eyes, your mind and your heart to art
– course sections include: perception, appreciation, inspiration, education, decoration, socialization, exploration, interaction, and creation
– costs $45 and you can REGISTER at any time.

Go sign up today. This e

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