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An Early Spring Thing

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As a designer/creative person, I am constantly on the look out for things that will inspire me and bookmarking them for later. Pinterest has been a really great tool to aid in the process, but at some point you have to pick through the weeds to find inspiration for a particular project. My process is usually like this…

Step 1: Find some tunes that fit your current mood or the mood of the project you’re working on. (in this case: Coeurs De Pirate, Berceuse)

Step 2: Sift through all your gathered images/resources/links and pull out the ones that fit nicely with your concept or tone.

Step 3: Organize your findings neatly to help you tell your story

* Look for more of my mood boards in the future.

2 comments on “An Early Spring Thing

    1. Dianna, I totally agree with you on the contrast of pastel colors with bold pops of color. Makes everything so refreshing. Happy Monday!

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