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The Jone's view of Pac Northwest

During this past year there has been several occasions where a move to the Pacific Northwest was a possibility based on where the boy decides to take his next job(and still may be). The whole thought made me shiver, as I’m a girl that’s definitely happiest when surrounded by warm weather, sunny skies and of course…sandy beaches. After several months of talking things through with family/friends and even taking a trip up there, the positives of the area began to show through. Beautiful scenery, great food, oodles of artistic individuals, and my best friend (who lives in seattle).

These photos were captured by one of my favorite photography duo, the Jones. They also recently moved to Portland and have been sharing some of their outings on their blog. They are definitely capturing the aspects of the Pac North that keep me thinking I could survive up there if I had to. haha

Check out the Michael and Paige’s Portfolio!

3 comments on “The Jone's view of Pac Northwest

  1. looks incredible. the pacific northwest is gorgeous. i, like you, am a sun chaser and i’m not sure i could do the fog year round but it truly is gorgeous.

  2. they definitely captured the spirit of the northwest! (i recently moved to portland, well almost a year now, that’s crazy! anyways, it gets a bit dreary, but there are so many places to distract you from that fact.. even being outside in the weather can fade away when you get to be around such beauty.)

  3. These pictures were cool, they pushed me to go check out their blog, the EXPLORING OREGON | PART ONE, post, is kinda cool, go check it out!

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