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Kirsten Grove's Insiders Tips / Week 7

Today’s week 7 of Kirsten Grove’s lovely insider’s tips. These two moody rooms have been super inspiring to me this week. I love all the little details and especially the lighting in room 1. Hope you gather some useful information!

If you missed the previous weeks of tips/suggestions, click on the collaborations tab in the side bar to see more!┬áDon’t forget to stop over at Simply Grove to see my latest color palettes!

1 & 2

5 comments on “Kirsten Grove's Insiders Tips / Week 7

  1. I saw this room online in the Rue Magazine, and was drawn to it as well. What makes this room work for me it the white rug, it just pulls it together..

  2. Of course the interiors are gorgeous. Can’t go wrong with designer furniture like the barcelona chair! but what’s the point of having such large shelves when you just decorate them so sparingly?

  3. Love these rooms. The rug and the lilac pillows adds a softness to this dark room that makes it inviting. And I absolutely love the big bookshelves that are sparingly filled- they make the whole wall a piece of art!

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