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the neighborhood that stole my heart

It’s been 3 years of walking the streets lined with row homes. From the day we moved in, the charm of our neighborhood has me feeling really spoiled. How’d I find this little square in a big city? I don’t know how many pictures I have of the brightly colored row homes, but I keep snapping. I hope all the photos will help moving away a little easier (if that time ever comes).

*photos taken with Instax Mini 7S

15 comments on “the neighborhood that stole my heart

  1. How utterly charming!

    As I look to move ‘back’ to the Midwest, posts like this confirm that I’m not far off the mark. STL has definitely piqued my interest, and it’s funny to me (as a once-upon-a-time Kansas City girl) that I don’t know it better.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely neighborhood! Bookmarking. You know…just in case. 😉

  2. Nice post Cassie, it was definitely a GREAT find, can you believe we found this on the last day, last hour of the hunt!

    Looks as if you are getting ready to move?

  3. Wow, that looks lovely! I’m making my first trip ever to STL this October to photograph a wedding (strange, considering I’ve lived in Chicago and the midwest my entire life) so I’m excited to see the city!

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