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Lesson Learned: Being Uncomfortable, Part 2

Recently I was asked to attend a photoshoot for the advertising agency I work with. I was 100% NOT thrilled about the idea because I’m not one to like being away from home and my brain has been far less from fully functioning these days.

I ended up going (didn’t really have a choice) but ended up loving every minute of the experience (minus being away from my man and pup). It was a three day shoot and I was the only art director on set. The days were filled with10 gallons of ice cream a day, product styling, lifestyle shoot with an adorable little boy and a full day of capturing beautiful sweat treats in natural daylight. I learned a lot.

I was kind of just thrown into the whole thing, but walked away with a realization that maybe I should become a stylist. It feels natural to me and I’m really good at getting lost in prop rooms for long periods of time. I’ve always enjoyed styling (my favorite part of having an etsy shop), but haven’t had a lot of professional experience learning the ins and outs.

I’m thankful for the experience because It allowed me to realize where I need to focus my energy. I think 2013 will include more styling jobs. Looking forward to it!

Have you ever been forced into something to find yourself unexpectidly walking away with some gained insights and inspiration.

6 comments on “Lesson Learned: Being Uncomfortable, Part 2

  1. Yes, it happened to me too. And I try to keep reminding myself how that happens, almost every time I dive into something new. But sometimes it’s so freaking scary, isn’t it?

    Here’s to new adventures and loads of new possibilities and inspiration.

  2. I sooo know the feeling. Glad you liked the experience in the end. Hope you find your way through all this maze ! xx Have a nice day.

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