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Notables No.15

It’s Friday!!! Happy Dance!!! today is the first day of my Braid Creative E-course that I’ll be taking for the next week. I’m pretty excited to be doing a deep dive into my personal brand and look forward to sharing my findings with you. Stay tuned!

Notables this week:
1. The online shop called Quitokeeto
2. This moon pot mat by Fine Little Day
3. The Toast spring lookbook is SOOOO lovely!
4. I love the color of this simple top by COS
5. British designer, Louise Goldin (unique styling)
6. And this lovely abstract top by COS
7. The work of Mary Frances Foster kills me every time!
8. The amazing thread drawings by Allison Watkins
9. Immortal Desert Bag photographed by Studio Choo

Have a lovely weekend!

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