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Recent Work: Branding for Katie Newburn Photography

Hello there! Hope everyone is have an amazing Friday and that you have something planned for the weekend! Usually I share some notable links with you on Fridays, but today I wanted to share a notable photographer with you, Katie Newburn. Katie is an amazing food photographer living in San Francisco. She’s been busy growing her body of work for a few years now and thought it was time to grow her brand image as well.

Katie and I have been in contact and working together for many months now. Our goal was to look at the logo she already had and make some refinements to it. We also wanted to explore other ways a logo or icon could be used for her brand. An example of this might be an icon for an email signature, a watercolor icon to be used as a graphic element on a business card, or even a watermark to be placed on top of her photos. The end result is a cohesive brand mark that can be used across many elements.

We’re also working to organize a large body of work and showcase the images in a designed and professional printed portfolio. The process has taken longer than expected because we’re trying to source the best printer for the job, but non the less…it’s all pretty exciting.

If you need help with branding for your business, shoot me an email!

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