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Veda News: Being Brave & Bold & Terrified

This past Christmas I gifted my Fiancé with something he’s wanted for years…my blessing to ride a motorcycle. In the midst of doing all my research before I finally said yes, I rode on the back of a friend’s motorcycle and fell in love with the energy and the free spirited community in my city. I wanted to be a part of it now, just as much as the boy did.

I gifted the boy (and myself) with a weekend long riders course that we both thankfully passed this past weekend (both written test and driving test). The whole experience was extremely terrifying and much more mentally exhausting than I ever imagined. Riding on the back of a bike is a piece of cake compared to being the one responsible for making the thing move. I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into, and at points during the weekend I felt my limits being pushed. But we kept going. Both exhausted. Both terrified. Both over-excited…

We walked away from the experience with a gained sense of appreciation for those that DO ride. We’ve gained some valuable skills that will hopefully help keep us in safe hands. We’ve walked away with a spring in our steps and with a huge sense of accomplishment. We totally did it! We did it together. We were bold, brave, and terrified.

I’d like to think that with this experience under my belt I’ll feel more confident putting myself in more terrifying and challenging experiences. I want those experiences. I need them to grow as a professional and individual.

My favorite motorcycle instagram feed

*By summer we’ll be cruising on a bike of our own, with wind in our hair and a death grip on the clutch 😉

7 comments on “Veda News: Being Brave & Bold & Terrified

  1. This is really exciting! Awesome job to both of you. Putting yourself out there in terrifying situations isn’t usually fun but when you do it and succeed you kind of do feel like a super hero 🙂

  2. My husband and I did the same thing last summer and can’t wait until the last bit of winter lifts here in Ontario and we can spend this summer riding into the sunset.

    I had all of the same feelings as you and was very proud of myself. It was definitely something I have used in other areas of my life.

    You rock!

  3. That is the one gift I have been unable to ever feel like I could give my husband! He wants to ride one and talks about it constantly, but they scare me so much and I’ve known quite a few people that have gotten hurt from a motorcycle…it just scares me. But I really enjoyed reading this and it did make me commit to myself to at least think about it. I would like to be less of a worrier and more of a risk taker, and this would be a good way to work on that :)I’m really impressed that you did it too!

  4. I was unable to make that gift to my Fiance, so he bought a TVR Chimeara (British sports car) instead which we both thoroughly enjoy. We’re taking her to France in August on our honeymoon.
    I initially started to follow your blog becasue of it’s name – my lovely Mum’s name was Veda Ann and other than my sister I have never seen it used anywhere else.

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