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Recent Work: The Citizenry Photo Styling

Hi Guys! Thanks so so much for bearing with me while I weather the summer blues and the plague of being uninspired. This summer has come with many life transitions (wedding, cross-country move, husband starting new business, etc), but the real world doesn’t hit the pause button like you wish it could.

Freelance work has kept up it’s busy pace and I’ve had the privilege to work with the most amazing brand over the past 8+ months. The girls of The Citizenry have basically adopted me to help them brand their business, concept and style their products, and even photograph and edit all the imagery for their branding and website. It’s been a real dream come true to have my hands on so many integral pieces of this amazing brand.

These photos are just a few photos I’ve taken for the brand. I’ll be sharing more and more over the upcoming months! Be sure to head on over to the pre-order website now to snag a few of these items. Let me tell you…that San Pedro Throw is to die for and I can’t wait to receive my very own Estrella’s Rug later this month!

( shop pre-orders now )

* All product photos, branding design and website design is by yours truly, Veda House. Website development by sister duo Telegraph Creative

Studio Hours: The start of a bedroom Makeover

One room at a time, I’ve been making way through the house – redecorating this and that. I’ve finally made it to the bedroom, which has ironically been the most neglected room of the house. I’m still trying to wrap up the details, get a few additional artwork pieces framed, a DIY here and there, and then I’ll be ready to share the whole room.

Until then, I wanted to share this amazing print I just bought from West Elm. This Highland Cow print is in collaboration with and I couldn’t be happier with the character this piece brings to the room. I’ve also got my eye on this double exposure Diptych of the dessert.

Another piece I’ve collected is this amazing handmade pillow from Scout & Whistle. I look forward to pulling the finishing touches together!

Happy almost Friday!!


Studio Hours: Behind the Camera

The beauty of non-existant budget photo shoots! You’re the model, the photographer, the prop, the everything. You quickly learn to multi-task, hold things down with your toes, set up your camera timer….and then RUN! Yup…the beauty of working for yourself 🙂

These photos are a little sneak peek into one of the current projects. I’m working on pulling a few brand asset images together for her to use to promote the launch of her new blog and website. I’ll also be sharing the full lookbook on the blog within the next week or so. I’ve had  A LOT of fun playing with unique compositions, play on light and adding in a little of the unexpected.

Inspired By: Mark Peckmezian's Portraits

Thanks to Pinterest I was able to track down a “new-to-me” photographer, Mark Peckmezian, who has an amazing eye and ability to capture people as they are. As an amateur photographer myself, I find portraits to be one of the hardest subjects to photograph because portraits can so easily look “off”.

Mark’s Flickr stream is filled with some really artistic shots. If you’re looking for someone who can capture raw human emotion with a node to earlier days of photography, Mark’s your guy.


A peek at spring

The midwest is struggling to switch on over to Spring (full-time) this year and it’s really bumming me out. We get one nice somewhat warm day and it’s followed by 4 cool rainy days. I feel that the funky-ness of the weather has impacted the trees here in St. Louis. They were blooming for AT MOST a week. Their beauty was cut short, but I made an effort to get outside during the nice days and soak it all in…and snap a few photos.

*All photos taken by Veda House

Studio Hours: Vintage Vignettes

Recently I was asked by the lovely Moorea Seal to do a guest post while she is away visiting family. I love her blog and her shop, so I knew I wanted to contribute. Moorea asked all her guest bloggers to share their favorite parts of their homes with her readers. I chose to share some of my favorite vintage finds.

You can read the whole post over on Moorea’s blog to find out the details about each piece.

Photo Styling & Photography by The Veda House


Studio Hours: Salvaged Lights

I’ve got a real “thing” for industrial lighting and have been collecting random pieces for the last few years. Since I’m showing more pieces of my studio with you guys, you’ll be sure to see many more black lights of all different  shapes and sizes. I’m in the process of creating some really fun cage lights that I hope to share soon. Stay tuned!

Photo Styling & Photography by The Veda House

Studio Hours: Props

One of the benefits of owning a vintage curated Etsy Shop is that you get to sift through all the lovely stuff you find and decide if you want to keep anything. I’m not really putting any attention towards my shop Market203 and have shifted gears to looking for photo worthy props. Finding the smaller/unique items seems to be what I’m drawn to while out and about anyway. Needless to say, I’ve got a good collection of props to work with and they look so pretty all piled on top of each other. It’s kind of like gathering all your Halloween candy together after a night out  as a kid. (haha. ok…kind of)

Photo Styling & Photography by The Veda House

Studio Hours: Spring is coming right?

Winter just keeps hanging on here in St. Louis Missouri, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that mother nature gives up on this staring contest soon. I’ve started wearing my warmer weather flats and lightweight jackets again because I’ve decided boycotting the cold is just my kind of thing.

I’ve been in my studio working on building up my portfolio with some fun summery/spring like vignettes to convince myself spring ISSSSS coming soon.

Photo Styling & Photography by The Veda House

New Instagram Feed – Little Snippets No.1

Hello guys! Happy Monday to all of you. I hope you enjoyed your week and feel refreshed and ready to kick this week in the batootie. ok good….

I’ve got a new little series for you, one of two actually. These two new series aim to give you a little more insight into my daily life as a self employed designer/photo stylist. I’ve gotten a lot of emails/comments recently from readers who are interested to see how my new adventure is going and what the day to day life is like. Ask and you shall receive.

The first is a new little series that shows you little snippets from my day. All these images will be documented on my new Instagram feed, so you can follow along daily if you please. The second will be more in-depth posts about projects I’ve taken on to build my personal brand…unpaid projects that I’m going to call “Passion Projects”. Stay tuned.

1. making mood boards  2. playing with textures and layering through the lens  3. My favorite pair of shoes this season  4. inspired by Gather Journal  5. lace and baubles  6. a piece of my pottery collection

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