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Eva Black Spaces Feature

I’m over at Eva Black’s blog today sharing some pics of my tiny little home office. This feature was exactly what I needed to finally finish my home office. Since all the items in my space are thrifted, the whole process took a lot of time and my vision changed along the way. In THIS POST I shared my original vision & in THIS POST I shared my progress, but be sure to hop on over to Eva’s blog for some more images.


Painted floors & graphic prints

Stopping in today to share some more inspiration for my loft. I’ve been seeing some realllllllly amazing painted floors. What a perfect idea for rental floors right?? I’ve also been keeping track of all the graphic bold black & white prints and artwork. It’s so hard to get artwork only in grayscale, but if you do it looks absolutely amazing.

What kind of things are you hoping to have in your living space??

Hand Woven & Organic

I’ve been struggling for some time whether or not my petite couch needs throw pillows or not. Of course they would look lovely when nobody is seated, but that’s not all that often. I know for a fact that when people are sitting, the pillows will be thrown to the floor and the dog might even take them for himself. What to do, what to do?

If I were to buy pillows for my itty bitty lovely couch, these would be them. The hand woven details make each pillow one of a kind, and hey…they are organic!

What do you guy think about decorative pillows on your couch?? Worth it, or a waste of money??

Buy these pillows—>

Soap Sud Dreams

My bathroom at the loft (our current residence) is not my favorite. Sure its 100% functional and probably better than most rental bathrooms, but the wood tones in there clash and are sooooo wrong! So I’ve been dreaming about porcelain beauties and picking up irresistible bathroom type items as I go. I recently got all new perfect white (hotel style) towels, enough natural bars of soap to last probably two years, and this amazing vintage glove mold for my jewelry (thanks Lackluster Co!)

My goal with the bathroom is to make it feel as natural as possible and smell like a minty/coconut/lavender dream room. I’ll get there eventually, and I guarantee you that my next bathroom with have a natural light source…trust me 😉

Here’s some inspiration I’ve been pinning on my “FOR THE LOFT” Pinterest mood boar.

Currently Adoring // Baskets

Hello everyone. I hope you are having a splendid day. I’m just stopping by to inform everyone I’m on the hunt for a basket for my loft. I’m needing a catch all container that I can put next to my front door. The dog leash, the pair of ballet flats, and the umbrella all need a place to live and I thought a basket would be a perfect solution. I’m having a hard time deciding between 3 styles of hand-made baskets and I’d like to spend no more than $50. Do I go effortless with the “slouchy”? Bold with the “structured”? Or safe with the neutral “geometric”? Currently I’m leaning toward the effortless slouchy but in the neutral color of the geometric. I know…I’m making things tricky.

If you’re browsing the internet or pinning on Pinterest and come across something similar, send me a little note. Let the hunt begin! Mission organization!

Basket #1 ($65), Basket #2 ($99), Basket #3 ($59)

Inspiration for my loft

I’ve decided to start a new category of post that will feature snippets from my loft, inspiration I’ve been gathering for redecorating ideas, and showcase some items I’m on the lookout for. Not sure if this will a regularly weekly post series, but we’ll see how it goes!

I’ve been collecting inspiration images for my loft (or next loft/home..) for some time now and collecting them all in my “FOR THE LOFT” pinterest board. I’m 2 years out of design school and I definitely still have a lot of straggler “college student” furniture pieces. I’m working my towards a cohesive look that goes with my style. I like to think my style is a mix of clean/simplistic, minimal vintage charm, and a natural/organic touch. I make them all work together by somehow…haha.
Stop by my pin board mentioned above for some more things I’ve been eyeing. Enjoy.