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Mr. Fitzgerald's Polaroids

Sometime during this last year I stumbled upon the work of Photographer, Parker Fitzgerald. He’s a pretty darn creative soul and I believe he’s in the process of mastering Polaroid photography. (not to mention all other forms of photography 😉  He’s currently living in Portland Oregon and capturing the life that bustles around it.

Parker has willingly compiled a collection of Polaroids he feels best portrays Portland and provided a mini description for each. Since I’m here visiting this beautiful city, I thought this would be a perfect was to bring it to life.

[Taken with a Polaroid 195, using 669 film]  I shot this in the Columbia Gorge for a local Portland band
named Ezza Rose. They’re A+ in my book.

[Taken with a Polaroid 195, using ID-UV film] This is Amos, one of my best friends, and one of my
absolute favorite portraits ever.

[Taken with a Polaroid 195 and 690 film] Lindsay Josal is a Polaroid guru in her own right and one of the most inspiring photographers to me. Much as with Laura Taylor, getting the opportunity to shoot photos of her was a fulfillment of an artistic circle. I love this portrait. It captures how I see Lindsay’s spirit perfectly.

[Taken with a Polaroid 195 and 669 film] Laura Taylor is one of the first photographers I ever really followed, and I’ve known her since she was a wee girl of 16. It was a great honor to be able to take her portrait. It felt as thought important things had come full circle. This was hurriedly shot in a random neighborhood on our way to the airport. I almost missed my plane back to Portland from LA, but it all turned out alright. I wouldn’t have minded though. It definitely was worth it.

[Taken with a Polaroid 195 and 108 film.] I recently moved into a new house with my brother and have begun teaching both him and another friend a little about photography. This nice latice wall is in my front yard. It’s been in more than one recent photo haha.
[Taken with a Polaroid 180 and 108 film] My brother is probably my favorite male subject that I’ve ever shot. Since moving to Portland from Florida a few months ago, he has frequently been in front of my camera. This is one of my absolute favorites of him.

 [Taken with a Polaroid 195 and 669 film] Last year, Christina was a frequent subject of mine. She is great on either side of a camera and it’s always rewarding every time we go out for pictures. This was taken in Colorado on a freezing, foggy day just before Christmas last year. Behind my parent’s barn, down near a creek, there is a shallow valley full of redstem dogwood plants. I spent the afternoon making her freeze to death. This photo came as a result. ^_^


I might just get a chance to meet the fella while on vacation if timing works out!
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  1. Wow, these are incredible. Thanks for sharing Cassie! The portrait of Amos really stopped me in my tracks. They’re all so striking. Hope you get to meet him!

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