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My workspace is on its way!

* please visit my pinterest workspace board for original image sources. Note: the desk and blow glass bottles are my images. (desk bought at Rocket Century in St. Louis)

I’ve been taking my time putting my workspace together with collected pieces that are spot on to the looking I was trying to achieve. (See my original mood board here!) I’ve recently purchased my Mid-Century stanley desk that I’ve been waiting patiently to find. Now everything is starting to fall in place because everything was going to be based on the desk I was able to find.

I’ve been visiting my Pinterest on a daily basis collecting workspaces for inspiration. I love the look of the spaces with controlled chaos, but I know I’m more of a person that likes things REALLY organized. We’ll see what I end up with.

My desk will site in a corner of our city loft and I have the surrounding walls to work with. The space is small, but very open.

Things that I’ve got so far:
Desk, standing lamp (task lighting)
Overhead barn style hanging pendant
Old black lunchbox to store mail
A vintage kitchen scale to weigh market203 product
My mint green typewriter
Amber glass bottles as book ends
Tall 2 column file cabinet
All my design books and magazine subscriptions
Vintage hanger to hang artwork
Table top clock
My new iMac desktop computer
Vintage stapler

Things I’m still trying to track down:
An industrial stool
A wire trash bin

So you can see from my list that I’m moving right along. This was a project I started months ago, but I’m so glad I’ve taken the time to slowly craft something perfect. (totally not my normal way of doing things 😉

I’d love to see your workspaces. Leave me a link in the comments section if you’d like to share! 


8 comments on “My workspace is on its way!

  1. I just started rearranging and organizing my workspace today! Can’t wait to blog about it! Love your desk. It’s amazing. I need a really great desk as well. Still on the lookout. Found a perfect one today at an antique mall, but it was $150. too much right now 🙁

  2. We take delivery of our new/old teak ‘workstation’ tomorrow and are looking forward to having lots of fun experimenting with the styling. Thanks for sharing your mood board – it’s given us lots to think about, not to mention some great ideas!

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