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friday finds & favorites // 38

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1. Did you stop by the Babble Blog Awards to see the top rated blogs across multiple categories. Lots of good reads!

2. Really great graphic design/artist portfolio with a unique style.

3. Stop by TrendLand to keep up to date with the latest trends in fashion, design and culture!

4. Invisible Film poem.A different way of viewing a storyline.

5. I loving the graphic prints by Little Studio. The bright colors are glorious!

6. The illustrations by Faye Moorhouse are a little bit odd, but a lot a bit awesome.

7. A really great post about blogging with lots of photos. Great observation. “On Being Wordless”

8. This Tumblr caters to my need to organize things neatly. Not sure this is a good thing

9. A new favorite – digital version of Bodie & Fou Fall/Winter Catalogue

10. This Pennyweight Pin Board (via Pinterest) is really great for showing how to photography found objects in nature.

Happy Weekend!

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