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Lonny Rooms // My Favs

Lonny Magazine has been a go-to source for interior inspiration for months now. I look forward to the next bi-monthly magazine to release and then read the hundred + pages over and over, mentally bookmarking every page. Sometimes it’s hard to remember all those beautiful rooms, but thankfully has a section on their site called “Decorate” where you can browse room after room of gorgeousness.

Go take a look. Some of my favs are above.

2 comments on “Lonny Rooms // My Favs

  1. I wasn’t very surprised to find out these images came from Lonny — they have such impeccable taste! I love seeing all the things you can do with white walls. (Probably a side effect of living in an apartment I can’t paint…) Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know exactly what you mean by living in a space with white walls and not being able to paint. Unfortunately my apartment is painted a hideous shade of cream.

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