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Che and Fidel

[vimeo 39862390 w=750&h=420]

Hi guys! Just stopping in today to share with you my most recent favorite blog to look at. I just adore this Australia based family and can’t get enough of them. The blog is updated regularly and I’m constantly stopping by for an update. The kids are beyond ridiculous cute and their life is captured in such a beautiful way.

Stop by Che and Fidel –>

5 comments on “Che and Fidel

  1. They are the most adorable family. When I see sweet little children like this I think I totally could have a couple kids… then I get around my friends with children.. I think I’ll just look at the cuteness for now.

  2. Such sweet words…thank you so much for the (big!) mention. It’s been an absolute pleasure perusing your posts too..there’s lots of goodness here x

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