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The Dominican Republic: Part 2

Here are some more photos from our lovely stay in The Dominican Republic. Remember that you can see more moments via my Instagram feed. Tomorrow I’m going to share with my favorite part of the entire trip 🙂

17 comments on “The Dominican Republic: Part 2

  1. i’ve been loving your blog for a while now, and i have to admit i love it even more since you’ve started to share your photography.
    it’s bright, powerful, the contrasts are amazing and you’ve got a great eye, as you do for design

    so i’m confessing my crush. hi from london!
    x alina

    1. Hi Alina,

      You’re beyond sweet. So glad to have you as a reader and I’m so glad you like the photography. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. See ya around!

  2. Agh, your photos are spectacular. I don’t very often go over the top about things but I feel I need to gush at you for these! (apologies!). They evoke so many exciting feelings, I want to go pack a bag and go traveling immediately!

    1. Thanks so much Jo. You’re too sweet. I’m glad I was able to capture the trip for all my readers to enjoy 🙂

  3. i just found your blog and wanted to say your photos are amazing! can i ask what camera you use? i’m looking to purchase a camera and would love to know what camera you use to take these gorgeous pictures! thanks!

    1. Hi Hannah,

      Thanks for stopping by. I use a Canon Rebel T2i with either of two lens (Canon 50mm 1.4 OR a Sigma 24mm 1.8). 🙂

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