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Rebranding Discovery No.1

Hi guys! I thought I’d update you on where I’m at in the whole rebranding process. I’ve been collecting inspiration images like a mad woman and then sitting with those images to see if there is a theme throughout. Somedays things seem to click and then the next day, everything seems blurry again. Along the way I’m finding a system that works. I prefer to collect a bunch of random images first, and then streamline along the way, refining as I go.

As I’ve been collecting images, I’ve discovered two pretty big things about myself as a designer and my brand. The first discovery has really given me confidence in the decisions I’m making along the way, which is really refreshing.


Discover #1: My style hasn’t drastically changed, it’s only evolved.
Going into this whole rebranding adventure, I thought my personal design style had drastically changed over the past 3 years ( 3 years outside of my design school days). Just the other day I was sitting at my computer, starring at my mess of a Pinterest rebranding board (images I’ve been collecting for months now) and realized that my style really hasn’t changed all the much. My preferred color palette is basically the same (shocking actually) and the overall “mood” is scarily similar. I even brought out my senior year design portfolio to compare…crap…its basically the same aesthetic.At first I took this discovery as bad news. How could my design style NOT change after all these years? Is that normal? Later I was able to see the discovery as good news. It proves that through all the years of growing as a designer, my “natural instinct” is still intact. The things that make me tick and the things that get me to say “yeah!” are still the same. Deep down, I’m still me…just a more sophisticated me. Less random. More precise. It proves that I know what I like and that I’m able to define an iconic style that I can truly own. Hooray!!!!

* Here’s a really great blog post by Ana Louisa Perkins of Grown Up Shoes. She’s a self-taught designers and gives her perspective on defining your own personal style…and how it takes time. Thanks for a great read Ana

To be continued…

*photo collage by Veda House (images pulled from here)

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  1. I’d say that’s a great discovery! I tried to change myself so many times (bad idea), it’s nice to just fall back into myself and what I’m naturally drawn to. Good luck with your redesign!

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