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Lesson Learned: How to Get Out of Your Funk

Holy smokes guys!! Thank you, thank you for all of your feedback to my “Burnout at Age 26” post last Wednesday. It’s incredible to see that so many other creatives are in the exact same place as I am and have the exact same obstacles. It’s kind of refreshing to hear that I’m not alone in this and that so many people are willing to share their stories. Turns out that age 26 is just a demon, haha.

Thanks to my lovely readers, I’ve compiled a list of things to do/try if you ever get in a creative funk or if you’re headed for burnout. I’ve also listed some really important things to remember when you’re down and out. This post makes me feel like Baz Luhrmann (the guy that sung the “Sunscreen” song). So add, “wear sunscreen” to the list of things to remember.

Things to try:
1. Try letting go….see what clarity presents itself afterwards
2. Go back to school, take a class, take an e-course
3. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and just go with the flow
4. Say “NO” if you’re feeling overwhelmed (I wrote a post last year about cutting your current schedule in half)
5. Network, network, network…never stop networking
6. You know those things you do while you’re procrastinating…do those!
7. Take a sabbatical or any length of time
8. Travel
9. Utilize creative recruiting agencies
10. Plan for short term, and for long term (I use TeuxDeux  to make lists)
11. Incorporate more mediums into the things you explore
12. “Plan, Save, Make the leap, and Give yourself a year”
14. Read The Four Hour Work Week
15. Volunteer your time

Things to remember:
1. As humans, we’re naturally always searching for happiness
2. Try your hardest to be self-aware and honest with yourself at all times
3. When you fail, you’ll most likely learn something about yourself
4. Treasure your free time and don’t forget to soak it all in
5. You are NOT alone!
6. Inspiration comes and goes, waxes and wanes, ebb & flow (don’t get too attached)
7. Carve out a few hours here and there to do something you’re insanely passionate about
8. Everything WILL work itself out
9. Please be patient
10. Always trust your gut first

12 comments on “Lesson Learned: How to Get Out of Your Funk

  1. Wow I must have missed your burned out post, but just read it and I completely can relate. I’m in a very similar position balancing agency life with freelance work, and sometimes you just don’t know what to do! It’s so nice to see other creatives in the same dilemma – this list is super helpful. Thanks for adding some much needed perspective!

  2. It’s so true that every designer will go through (if they haven’t already gone through) what you are feeling. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and will lead to something amazing. I love your compiled lists…they’re great everyday-reminders for us all! 🙂

  3. This is truly a lovely post, and something I think we all need to remind ourselves of from time to time. I have been having a rough couple of days, and I’m still just in school, so I can’t even begin to imagine what the real world is like to designers. I’m really glad to hear that you are bouncing back, especially because I look up to and aspire to the design/blogging community such as yourself, and wish you nothing but the best. Really great post though, listing it out like that probably really helps to clear the mind, and can always serve as a great reminder.

  4. Its tough I know exactly how you feel. Unfortunately I kept going and completely combusted. I remember inwardly groaning at briefs rather than feeling soo excited and inspired, like I used to. The creative process became excruciating and in the end I had dreams at night where i spent the whole day dawdling and had to pull a job together in half and hour.Truly. Paralysed. I worked [and still sometimes do] in broadcast design and did quite a few years of freelance where I did crazy things like double shifts. There is hope, though, I still love being creative but getting off the computer was a good thing. She says, ironically typing while watching tv and surfing the net. I saw Stefan Sagmeister speak at a conference a few years ago and he talked about having a year sabbatical every 7 years. Sounded amazing if it can be managed..
    Best of luck. It will all work out fabulously you know that.

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  6. i’m going through a similar situation… i’ve felt that the more i spend my time away from the computer during my ‘time off’ the more i feel ready to get back and totally inspired.
    i think with everything, its a balance.

  7. I’ve added your blog to my reader about a week ago and I’m completely in love.
    You are so generous with the information you post and honest which are rare qualities.
    I’ll be disecting every little post during the next few days because as I have just found you, I feel like I have missed a whole lot of goodness.
    Thanks for sharing it all… and may you continue to inspire always!

    P.S: I might sign up for the next online course!

    Love from Australia

    Grazi – A Tad Bit Chic

    1. Thanks sooo much for stopping by and becoming a dedicated Veda House reader. May I ask how you stumbled upon my blog??

      Look forward to seeing you around and I hope you enjoy reading!

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