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Studio Hours: Photo Shoot Process

Sooo…I’m not really sure what’s going on in the studio today, but THIS happened, so I thought I’d share a little bit about my process.

Step 1: Research what project you’d like to do and see what other people have done. For this project, I collected images (like this one, and this one ) and put them on my Pinterest board. I was also heavily inspired by the work of Scout & Catalogue, especially this post.

Step 2: Get crafty. I wasn’t sure what color I wanted, so I played around with a lot of different dye combinations until I landed on a mixture of navy blue. This part was pretty labor intensive, but also a fun way to explore color combinations. I then used those same techniques and applied them to larger pieces of fabric. (see fabric swatches above)

Step 3: Sketch out what photos you want to take so you have a better idea of composition once you start shooting. I find this step to be super helpful to the overall process.

Step 4: Before each shot, I take a Polaroid capture of the scene to see if the objects in scene are working the way I want them to. If not…adjust before taking the actual photo. (see all polaroids above)

Step 5. Take a bunch of images at a bunch of different angles. A lot of time I’d choose an unexpected image to share later on.


Stay tuned to find out what all this fabric dying mess was for!

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