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Lesson Learned: The Power of Getting Knocked Down

Today, I’m going to jabber on about the “power” of getting knocked down. There will inevitably be times in your personal life and career where you feel like all the forces of the universe are working against you. Everything tends to snowball into a confusing mess and a solution seems to be nowhere in sight. I think I just got through one of “those” periods of time (again), or at least I’m making my way out.

When you lose your job, a favorite client, or an exciting project, it can feel like a REALLY big deal. It can feel like you’ve failed big time and recovering might just be harder than wallowing forever.

Here’s the thing that I’ve learned and am still trying to grasp. Losing something that you have grown attached to and really comfortable with is one of the best things that can happen to you. You’ll be forced to step outside your little bubble and look at the bigger picture. You’ll be forced to sit down, breath and actually refocus your energy. And quite possibly…you’ll have a regained freedom that you never had before. Maybe losing that job, that client, that project is exactly what you needed to grow. It’s almost like you now have permission to keep exploring!

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I got to chat again with my Design Mentoree, Laci, about how she handles getting knocked down and being told “NO”. You can read last week’s topic on Business Travel.



10 comments on “Lesson Learned: The Power of Getting Knocked Down

    1. Aww. I’m so glad the post came at the right time. Hope things get better and thanks so much for your sweet comments about my blog design 🙂

  1. Whenever I have one of those “knock down” moments I am like “Why am I doing this stupid freelance thing again?”, it can make you feel so vulnerable. But I totally agree with you. Also, when your in a situation like that it can FEEL like the worst thing of the entire wold, but really, everything will be ok and go on. You will live 🙂

    I feel like I’ve really learnt to take things less “personal” when it comes to my work and “get back up” a lot faster.
    I’ve learnt so much since I’ve started freelancing PERIOD. It’s cheeesy but I really have grown so much on sooo many different levels.

    Pat on the back to both of us 🙂

    1. Absolutely Alicia. I’m constantly reminded by my fiancé that these people aren’t necessarily my “friends” and that I need to see everything from a professional lens. Don’t let it get personal and try to keep emotions out of the picture. So touch some times!

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