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Recent Work: Inspiration Behind Photoshoot ( Always Something )

Hi everyone! Hope you guys had an enjoyable holiday weekend. I wanted to revisit one of my most recent projects…and one of my most favorite to date, Branding for Always Something. For a lot of my clients I offer my services as a photographer and photo stylist to help brings their brands to life or simply to add an additional element to their brand story . In this case, Maria McBride of Always something came to me with a desire to promote the coming of her online shops to her different social media sites with the use of a Lookbook.

At this phase of the project, I knew what Maria gravitated towards and what she wanted her brand’s overall image to be. I started researching different photography styles I would use as my inspiration for the entire lookbook photo shoot. I knew a few things after gathering visual inspiration.

I knew:

1.  Monochromatic palette: The shoot was most likely going to be monochromatic
2.  Emphasize simplicity: I wanted to make sure to emphasize the simplicity of the materials in a fun and visually engaging way
3.  Add visual interest: I wanted the final composed images to feel a bit “off” to keep consumers looking longer

4. Unique lighting: I wanted to use lighting in unique ways, using dramatic shadows wherever possible
5. Lots of character: I wanted each store product to have it’s own character, textural qualities and depth.

You can view a little behind the scenes of the “one man band” photoshoot and her final logo design.

I’m curious how you all start a project…Where do you find inspiration? How do you gather it? And how do your inspiration images influence the final design?

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