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Studio Hours: My Childhood Rock Collection

Hello lovelies! While I’m away in Palm Springs, I thought I’d share something near and dear to my heart – my childhood rock collection. When I went “home” (back to Indiana) to visit family this past August, I was tasked to go through my childhood room and clear out anything valuable because my parents were selling the house. Because I didn’t want to lose anything to my dad “the hurricane throw-awayer”, I did just that.

As a kid, I was ALWAYS picking up rocks and couldn’t leave the store, Natural Wonders in the mall, without a new rock to add to the collection. I’d also frequently snag some glowing stars for my ceiling, a constellation lamp, or a tube of candy bubbles. That store was magical and I’ll always cherish my memories in that store. Maybe I was an Geologist in my past life…or maybe my next. And one thing I know for a fact is that I was supposed to be a storm chaser in this life. 😉

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8 comments on “Studio Hours: My Childhood Rock Collection

  1. Yours is way better than mine. Mine was comprised of “special pebbles” from our backyard gravel area….

    So yeah, my rock collection was a cup of gravel.

  2. I have a similar collection. Those little rock bins at museum gift shops drew me to them every time. And little rocks that caught my eye at places my family visited. It’s amazing how unique they all are.

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