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Veda News: Off To Palm Springs (DesignerVACA)

Today I’m packing my bags and flying (on a super early flight) to Palm Springs to spend the weekend with 50 other designers, bloggers & creative females at the lovely Ace Hotel. Whoa!!! Last year’s event (only 20 girls) was such a success that the entire event has been re-structed to accommodate more people. The idea is exciting.

The event is structured like this –> meet great people over shared meals, connect over shared experiences, lay around by the pool, attend really laid back Q&A sessions, explore palm springs, hang out on the Ace Hotel grounds and much more.

I’m not going to lie. I remember coming back from the event last year feeling 100% overwhelmed by the amount of information I had gathered. I was comparing my successes to all the other girls and the pressure was on. At that point in my career I hadn’t left the agency life yet and was feeling frustrated and feeling stuck. This year (now fully engaged with freelance life) I have a new sense of adventure and determination to gather information.

Like I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago called Business Travel, I really don’t like the whole traveling process. Fortunately I’ll have a really awesome pool and palm trees waiting for me and not to mention miss Jane Riley waiting for me in the Phoenix airport 🙂

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