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Studio Hours: In-Home Photo Styling

It’s Hump Day!!! Fun fact: I can’t get through Wednesday without thinking about camels now!

Anywho…back on topic. I thought I’d have a little fun today and share my photo styling process with you. I have a makeshift in-home little photo studio where I do the majority of the photos you see on this blog. I’ve been getting quite a few emails asking about my photography (I’ll do a post on that later), but I thought some of you may be interested in the set up I use.

I’m still figuring out what works and doesn’t so this is just what I’m using these days. I’m definitely refining as I go and finding little tips here and there.

Here are a few tips that have been working for me:

1.  Natural Light:  Find a sunny corner of your home. Ideally the light will be coming in from either the left or right, but not directly.
2.  Surfaces:  Load up on photographing surfaces (concrete, marbles, different woods, etc). I have a bunch of 3ft x 5ft pieces.
3.  Bag:  Have a carry-all bag to lug stuff around in. I carry a lot of stuff up and down stairs. (similar to mine)
4.  Portability:  Make your surfaces easily portable. I like to set up my “stage” on top of a vintage laundry cart that has wheels.
5.  Tripod:  Use a tripod for every occasion. Get on that also can hold your camera for overhead shots. (mine)

6.  Organization:  Keep a pen and notebook near by to sketch out ideas/ make notes
7.  Camera Gear:  Use a lens that works well in low light situations (mine)
8.  Props:  Stock up on random props. An extensive prop closet is super handy.
9.  Polaroid:  Keep a polaroid camera handy for quick test shots (mine)
10.  Tunes:  I can’t even begin to do this work without some great tunes playing from my computer

I’ll be sharing “what’s in my styling tool box” next week! I’d love to hear your thoughts and interest level in these kind of posts. Want more?

21 comments on “Studio Hours: In-Home Photo Styling

  1. Oh, thank you SO much for these amazing tips. Your photos are always so beautiful! Do you use white or light grey boards for the backdrop? I feel like taking pics on white causes a lot of underexposure, or maybe I need to play with my camera settings. I have got to get more props…

    1. Hi Victoria!
      I use a combination of both, but usually gravitate to a creamy white backdrop. Sometimes I use a warm grey base with a white backdrop and that gives a whole different effect. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love the idea of the white painted wood as a little makeshift studio setting. It’s your regular white studio but totally unique with the slight texture from the wood, great idea. Plus it’s more durable then foam board or paper!

    1. Much more durable, but a lot more awkward to move around the house. I have a pile of surfaces and moving them is the toughest part of the whole shoot 😉

  3. This post was incredibly helpful! I will definitely make more of an effort to incorporate more surfaces and props. I’ve been discouraged from sharing personal photos because I wasn’t sure how to approach the styling. Thanks for sharing your tips! I would love to hear about your photo editing process too (I can never get the colors right).

  4. LOVE this insight, thank you so much for sharing! I always learn the most when I can get a peek into someone else’s process, and then adapt it to my own — oh my gosh I can’t even get over how handy that laundry cart situation you have going on is to know!

  5. Wow, these are great insights for an in-home photo styling studio!! Looking forwarding to your styling toolbox post too. I almost have a similar set up at but it’s nowhere near as organized as you! I’m thinking about getting a rustic white wood plank vinyl backdrop but not sure if that would look as good as actual planks of wood. Have you used one of those before?

  6. I would love to hear more on photography tips. This post was so informative! I love number ten, good tunes always seem to motivate and inspire me to do things! x

  7. Really great tips!
    I guess that in all these years shooting, I never did it with music in the background. I soooooo gotta try it -I imagine creativity and productivity will increase 10 times fold.

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