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Inspired By: Father Rabbit

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared a brand I’m loving. The last “inspired by” post was about Photographer, Carissa Gallo. I’m anxiously awaiting to find out if she’s had her baby yet. Anyone know? Wasn’t she the cutest pregnant lady of all the lands?

Today I’m inspired by the brand Father Rabbit. I’ve seen their products pop up once and while and every time they do, I swoon for days.  Father Rabbit is a housewares brand based out of Auckland, New Zealand. Stop by their online shop to pick out a few gifts for the holidays!

( photos – kara Rosenlund  )

8 comments on “Inspired By: Father Rabbit

  1. Ouuh, that dust pan and brush make me want to go clean my house right now ! They are so beautiful I would display them proudly in the hall, and that’s quite of a crazy thing to say about a dust pan ! So BRAVO I guess…

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