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Notable No. 35 (DIY Edition)

Hey Everyone! This post was originally scheduled for Friday, but in an effort to make a little difference I participated in a blogger’s day of silence. If you missed the post about the Philippines, you can catch up here and donate here. I’ve got a really busy week ahead of me. A couple smaller scale photoshoots for blog content, client web projects, a packaging project and then traveling at the end of the week. I’m not quite sure how everything is going to get done, but’s let’s give it a try!

Notables This Week (DIY Edition):

1. Love this gift wrapping idea
2. Easy built-in shelving unit
3. Concrete looking spray paint!!!
4. This simple photo wall is so dramatic
5. Fun holiday garland ideas for your home

6. Amazing rope lighting
7. Still loving this flush mount light from Home Depot
8. Really beautiful dreamcatcher idea
9. Diamond pattern painted floors

11 comments on “Notable No. 35 (DIY Edition)

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I had fun tracking all the DIY projects down, so I’ll most likely be posting another one of these in the future!

  1. Oh my godness, the concrete spray paint ! I need one !
    And I always love a head to toe art wall. I made one at my place, and even broke the rules of the lower height an artwork “should” be hanged. And I have to say, I’m absolutely happy about it. Yes to artworks nearly touching the floor and the ceiling !

    1. The concrete spray paint is unfortunately on the pricy side, but might be worth it. could have concrete texture without all the weight of concrete.

      I’d love to see your art wall. Sounds fantastic!

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