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Studio Hours: A Wedding Update

Happy Monday folks! I wanted to quickly make a little shout out to my dear friend Kathleen who welcomed a little baby boy into the world yesterday!! Go mama! If you aren’t following her blog & brand, you’re missing something amazing!

I’ve got a little wedding updated for those interested. These past couple weeks have taken me down the wedding rabbit hole. We’re marking things off our to-do list just as fast as we’re adding new things. It keeps growing and growing, but at least all the BIG details are figured out. I’ve had a few fun things pop up recently that I wanted to share.

Gifts and Brand Collaborations:  The lovely ladies over at BHLDN recently sent me a little care package full of lovely wedding details. The beautifully wrapped box was full of mercury glass candle holders, some wood carved serving utensils and some really fun sparkly garland. I’m forever thankful to BHLDN and their addition to my special day. If you’re looking for some vintage inspired or classic pieces to add to your wedding, check out BHLDN.

Candleholder Centerpieces: Over the holidays my father and I put on our tool belts and built our first driftwood centerpiece. We were inspired by these pieces in the Pennyweight Goods shop and decided to make our own. We’ll be making a bunch more once we get down to florida and have endless supplies of driftwood.

If you’re interested in reading a few other Veda House wedding progress posts you can see our Save The Dates, Tabletop Details, Overhead lighting DIY, and envelope assembly.

14 comments on “Studio Hours: A Wedding Update

  1. these are all so lovely! i saw that driftwood piece from pennyweight a while back and snagged a piece of driftwood on my trip to BC this summer, i have yet to try and make it. you’ve inspired me to get at it haha!

  2. Such lovely little things! I enjoyed planning my wedding so very much, right up until the end. I was moderately stressed out the last week, but it was such a blast putting soo much thought and creativity into each little detail, for my 100 most favorite people. Enjoy it!

  3. That driftwood centre piece is pretty badass. I’m sure you’ll have a few of them after the wedding, they make lovely gifts to the to wedding party or anyone else really. Great idea 🙂

  4. Your vision + execution is absolutely gorgeous! I’m in the process of planning/creating my own wedding for September 2014 and your details are so inspiring. I especially love the DIY driftwood candle holder – nice work! xo

    1. Thanks for stopping by Stacy. Good luck on planning your wedding and if you ever want to bounce ideas off someone, shoot me an email 🙂

  5. Woh, that driftwood piece is amazing. But where did you find such a big piece of driftwood ? I really want to make one of mine too, but seem to only find some small sticks…
    And what was your process then ? Did you hand carve the wood in order to put the candle holders in place ? Pleeease tell us about it because I definitely neeeeed this for my living room !

    1. Hi There!
      Finding the wood at the right size is all about luck and hunting for awhile. If you ever go to the southern states, you’ll find it in abundance. To make the holes, use a drill bit a “hole saw” bit that is built for that specific task.

      This is what a hole saw looks like –>

      I then used a piece of pipe as the connector between the wood and the candle. This can be a very small connector pieces, just something to stabilize the candle.

      That’s it! Just make sure you are drilling into the flattest surfaces on the wood.

      Hope that helps!

  6. I didn’t know Kathleen’s baby was already here. How awesome. Glad to hear they are both well!

    That candle holder is fantastic (so is the inspiration one). Great job, guys!

    And looks like the wedding will be truly amazing. All details up to now are mind-blowing! 😉

    1. Thanks so much Kelly. I’ve been having a lot of fun pulling the details together for the wedding, but could NEVER imagine the life of a wedding planner….by golly!

  7. Cass, the drill bit used was not a whole saw it was a Forstner Bit, a whole saw could be used, BUT you would have to remove the “plug”, which is annoying because you would never get the bottom of the hole clean..

    Jut make sure they choose the right size Forstner Bit, it should be the same size as the the metal pipe that will be used to put in the hole…

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