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Lesson Learned Mini-Series: Taking Cues From Our Childhood


“In order to live a fascinating life – one brimming with art, music, romance, and intrigue –
you must surround yourself with precisely those things.”
— unknown author —

Hello Veda House Readers! I’ve been excited to share with a new little build on the regular “lesson learned” freelance series. I’ve paired up with Maggie of Type & Title (the amazing talent behind the hand lettering on my wedding invites!) to chat about a few freelance topics that “just starting out” individuals may really get into. With this mini series, I’ll be answering questions about making the leap to a freelance career. We’ll then pair the question with a quote to illustrate the topic together; my photography and Maggie’s lettering. We’re starting way back at our childhood with the first topic below.

How has your childhood potentially shaped your professional career? Were there distinct “clues” that now looking back, really spoke loudly towards which career you’d choose?

As I grow older (especially during the first part of the new year), I find myself reflecting back to my childhood on a more regular basis. I find it super interesting to see how our pasts shape whom we are today, all the little elements building upon one another. For a lot of us, or childhood hobbies are the roots of the career path we choose later in life.

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