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Studio Hours: Wedding Update (The Invites)


Happy Monday! Here in St. Louis we got hit with yet another ice/snow storm yesterday and you can tell the city is revolting. I even saw a middle-aged man walking out of Michaels Craftstore yesterday carrying a massive indoor palm tree plant!! When is spring coming??

Anywho…Sharing something dear to my heart today. The wedding invitations (and all other printed materials) are designed, printed and shipped out, and thanks to the lovely hand lettering work by Maggie of Type & Title

, I think they turned out beautiful. You will not believe how amazing it felt to mark that wedding task of the master (days long) to-do list. Honestly, the to-do list is getting much shorter and I couldn’t be more thankful and relieved. Apart from these things here are places to get married in myrtle beach which are most of time preferred by couples to remember it for life time .

Also, if anyone were to ask me if designing/printing your own wedding invites was a good way to save money while adding personality…I’d say hire printing services dublin. I will never do wedding invitation design again and I can’t believe how many hours I spent fussing over paper texture or shade of gray! Spent the money for a full set (designed by someone else) and just be done with it.

Have any of you designed your own wedding invitations in the past? I’m curious to know if I was the only one that would now suggest spending top dollar for someone ELSE to piece it all together. Seemed so simple in the beginning. Thoughts?

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33 comments on “Studio Hours: Wedding Update (The Invites)

  1. I LOVE them Cassie, so beautiful. I am planning on doing my own wedding invitation suite too, I know it will stress me out but I love those kind of details so I’m going to go for it! 🙂

  2. Well, they turned out beautiful, Cassie. And Maggie did such a great job on the lettering. I’ve always wanted to design our wedding invitations, and I know how much work goes into it (like picking the right shade of grey) but since our wedding is going to be small, I’m hoping it will be doable?? Eeek, I don’t know!

  3. LOVE them! Invitations are so much work – I worked with local STL designer Katie Stokes last year for my wedding and she did everything for me. Designed the files, then when it came time to print she had paper samples and all i had to do was say “that one” and she did the calligraphy & assembled/mailed the invites for us. Was it the cheapest thing ever? No. Did it save a lot of hassle for one of arguably the most stressful parts of wedding planning? DEFINITELY! I also did striped twine bundles : ) These are so lovely!!

  4. I designed my own wedding invitations. Luckily, my husband’s also a designer and was able to mellow me out over the details I was obsessing over. So it all worked out ok. I do think they turned out amazing even a few years later so I’m happy I went for it! I’ve been designing other people’s wedding invitations since then and yes, it’s much easier than doing my own.

  5. I did my own, and while it was actually quite fun for me, I don’t like them anymore. BUT I don’t like much of what I designed 3 years ago, so I think that is more based on getting married at the beginning of my career than the fact that I did them myself! I think if I had to do it again, I would still do them myself. I’d have a really hard time trusting someone else, which is pretty stupid, but the reality!

  6. I’m sure this is the best advice of all time but I also think nobody is gonna listen to this one, haha. We’re all too stubborn to accept this. Kind of every girl’s dream, organizing everything for their own wedding. I’m sure it’s definitely a nightmare and a looot of stress but still it’s something you’re gonna be proud to have done after all, don’t you think ?

    1. I totally agree with you. You only have one opportunity to do something like this and you will most likely be proud of them, but whew…what a doozy.

  7. Oh these are SO pretty! I just love the colours you used on them. Great job!
    And good luck on completing the rest of your to-do list! 🙂

  8. OOOOHHHH my gosh do I feel ya. I’m picking up our wedding invites that I designed on wednesday… and the last two weeks have been an absolute sleepless-nighted terror. I had no idea!! Yours turned out so beautifully– all your hard work was worth it!! xx

    1. Hi Rachel! Congrats on the upcoming wedding and goodness gracious…get some sleep now that those darn things are done. I just stopped by your blog and site and love what you’re doing.

  9. Hi Cassie!
    I absolutly love you invitations and the design of them. I’m in the middle of my own design for my own wedding. A lot of fun, learning a lot but also soooo very time consuming. I love the simple font that you’ve used. Is it you’re own font or whats the name of it? Where can I find it?

    Thanks in forhand!

  10. hi Cassie, these are beautiful! Did you do the design on the invitation yourself? Is it watercolor or a stamp? Would you be willing to sell a high res jpg. I have a girlfriend getting married and when she saw your invite she said this is exactly what I’d like . Its beautiful! If not, I understand, props to you regardless:) xoxoxo

    1. Hi Cecelia!

      So sorry for the delay in this comment back. The invites were indeed done 100% by myself (illustration) and did the hand lettering. I am unable to sell any of the artwork since it was custom for my own wedding and would like to keep the design private. I’m flattered you have found inspiration from my work!

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