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In Collaboration w. Commodity Goods (Part 2)

Remember a few weeks ago when I introduced Commodity Goods as a new collaboration? I wanted to stop back by and let you know how the process went for us. We absolutely LOVED everything about the idea of trying a variety of scents (at home) to find our perfect scent. Shopping for perfumes and colognes has always been frustrating for the mister and I and we usually leave the store empty handed and with headaches.

With the Commodity Goods process we were able to slowly try the 10 male and 10 female scents, day by day…really living in the scent. Some scents we loved at first spray, others just weren’t “us”, but we both walked away with a few scents to rotate through as we please.  Not to our surprise we tended to gravitate towards the “fresh” scent category and I threw in a more “floral” scent (Tea) for those special occasions. Our top picks are show above.

Again, If you’re looking for a new scent and are sick of browsing the stinky perfume aisles, give Commodity Goods a try. The team at Commodity never asked me to post about their product, but I loved the experience and end result so much I just had to share!

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