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Studio Hours: w/ Frida (Guest Post)


A few day to day insights from Frida Salomonsson of Vardagsbrus

Frida is a Photographer and Visual Storyteller


I try as much as possible to have a very natural working process. I can start editing something and realize that I like the person’s eye color, so I save it and use that tone to something else, which makes me remember that I need to change the color of something I did yesterday. To switch between different projects and ideas to let one lead to the other, thats a luxury. I do however try to work it out with my planned “unplanned” calendar. It´s chaotic but never boring! – FRIDA

( Frida’s Flickr , Read Vardagsbrus Blog )


A HUGE thank you to Frida for taking time out of her day to contribute to Veda House while I’m away on my Honeymoon. You can view her great work and shop at the links above.

4 comments on “Studio Hours: w/ Frida (Guest Post)

  1. I have this kind of process, and I have to stay, it tends to get me towards insanity than anything else. So usually try to organize more my working sessions. But I like how she embraces it, maybe that’s also the solution.

    1. I love how everyone has a different kind of working styling. It’s what makes our creative process unique and authentic. Thanks for stopping by!

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