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Funkle Shop // Textiles

I can’t remember where I was when I stumbled upon Funkle Shop textiles, but OMGoodness and I glad I did. I wish I had access to them in a store near by where I could pick them up and feel them. I’d love to add one of the blankets to my never ending blanket collection. I love the colors and patterns. They’d definitely make a statement an any room.

Stop by the shop and see what else they have to offer.

LF Stores Lookbook Favs

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big fashionista, but I do have my favorite items that turn me into a crazy person with a shopping problem. Those things happen to be boots, bags, and oddly enough….scarves & leggins. This year’s LF Store winter lookbook has all the right things.

What are your favorite winter favorites?

My love for the Bold & Geometric

I can’t tell if its a trending design movement or just something I’m drawn to, but the bold and geographic tend to stop me in my tracks on a daily basis. Any kind of design that uses harsh edges, bold colors, geographic repeating patterns, and origami gets an A+ in my book. The images above are just a few of my recent favorites.

If you’d like to bring some geometric touches into your home or workspace, I highly suggest the DIY by the Blow Up girls. I’ve downloaded their pre-made templates and have been piecing them together here and there, when I have a little bit of down time.

Are you guys liking the Bold and Geometric?

Gemma Smith // Clara Von Zweigbergk // Blow Up

Smallable is Back for Christmas

Smallable, one of my favorite children’s brands and online magazines has a show stopper holiday magazine out for viewing digitally. (VIEW HERE) I was really fond of the collage images that incorporate old photographs with products from their shop. I thought it was a really unique way to display what they have in stock. Oh, can’t forget about the gorgeous typography!

Like what you see? Check out the post I did back in the fall when they released their Back To School issue.


fifi lapin // such a fashionista!


Her name has been floating around for quite some time now and it’s about time she’s made an appearance on the bloggity blog. On her blog, Fifi Lapin makes commentary on what she thinks is hot or not in the fashion and design world. I’ve seen this cutie several times in one of my favorite magazines (Nylon) and got sucked into her blog discussion on too many occasions. I hope she steals your hearts just like she did mine. If you’re ever in doubt on what to wear, ask Fifi! Enjoy!

minimega // Who doesn't love paper right??

That’s right Bri & Emma…I’d talking to you. I ran across Minimega (Blog & Shop) and did my normal scrolling through the archives for about an hour. The shop offers amazingly fun paper products and the blog is full of scenes from a colorful life. Let’s just say Minimega will make you one happy camper, so I suggest you go check it out if you haven’t already.

If you know of any other stunning paper shops I should check out, let me know!

Watercolors by Flora Douville


I came across the work of Flora Douville via Mint Design blog weekly link list. It was love at first sight. I truly admire those who have watercolor skills. Everytime I attempt the technique I end up with a wet loppy piece of paper wth everything running together. Take a look at her online shop where she sells her painting and photographs. She also has a really great blog where she gives you sneak peeks into her process.


All the way from South Africa!

I was perusing Design Sponge, like I do every day and came across a mushroom print table cloth. I hoped on over to the Esty shop called Skinny Laminx (based out of Cape Town South Africa), and was blown away with all the greatness in stock. The color palettes are right on, the patterns are one of a kind and extremely versatile, and the prices are decent. I also loved seeing the option of buying an entire roll or just a small tea towel. These pieces would make perfect gifts this holiday season. Let’s oooo and ahhhhhh some more shall we?

Thank you Sandi

Sandi from Adalou Vintage blog introduced me to the work of Cristiana Couceiro last week and as soon as I saw it….I remember thinking to myself “no freaking way….this stuff is awesome”. She has a similar design aesthetic to myself and I’ve love to play around with incorporating photography with my graphics. Ahhh. Her colors, simplicity…everything is amazing! Such an inspiration. She’s made it to my list of permanent bookmarked sites. Go check out her portfolio.

Thanks for thinking of me Sandi! Visit Sandi’s blog here.