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Inspired By: Annalenna's Hem

I’ve been a die hard Annalenna fan for a few years now and check in on her blog multiple times a week. I love her unique eye for styling, the lovely items in her shop, and the DIY projects she shares. One of my newly favorite features on her blog is called “one photo”, where she shares how only one photo has inspired her in some way. This new feature has introduced me to many other amazingly talented people.

If you’re searching for a new blog to follow – Annalenna’s Hem is definitely one to check out.

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Inspired By: Father Rabbit

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared a brand I’m loving. The last “inspired by” post was about Photographer, Carissa Gallo. I’m anxiously awaiting to find out if she’s had her baby yet. Anyone know? Wasn’t she the cutest pregnant lady of all the lands?

Today I’m inspired by the brand Father Rabbit. I’ve seen their products pop up once and while and every time they do, I swoon for days.  Father Rabbit is a housewares brand based out of Auckland, New Zealand. Stop by their online shop to pick out a few gifts for the holidays!

( photos – kara Rosenlund  )

Inspired By: Heath Ceramics

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend. I wanted to stop by and share a brand I’ve had my eyes on. The work of Heath Ceramics is always inspiring. With the holiday gift giving season just around the corner, Heath would be a person place to pick up some gifts! They are constantly putting out beautifully crafted pieces with originality. Their methods involve a lot of experimenting and concept development with an eye always on design principals.

I love that they acknowledge that they are their own client and will continue to produce beautiful pieces that make them happy. You can read more about their extensive back story and heritage (here) as well as shop your little hearts out (here).

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Inspired By: Mansur Gavriel

I’m going to have a little “I need this” moment on the blog this morning. I’m exaggerating, but OMG aren’t these bags beautiful. I’ve had my eyes on the black pouch bag for months now and need to find a way to justify spending almost $500 on a bag. One of these days, I’ll just do it and feel guilty about it for months. oh well!

Anywho. Mansur Gavriel is a high quality leather goods company based out of New York. This company came to life when two friends came together for a shared belief to bring fine goods (with a touch of italy 1960s) to the general public. You can read more about the powerful female duo here.

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Recent Work: A New Client Moodboard

Whew! Things have definitely picked up since the lull of the summer season. I’m currently juggling about 5 client projects and they all are so uniquely different it gets me so excited. I wanted to share a moodboard for a brand that I’m particularly excited about. I can’t share much about the project quite yet but think….furniture building, DIY, raw materials!

Right up my alley. Look forward to sharing more as we work through the process. If you are looking for a designer to help with a branding overhaul or photo styling pieces, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email (

A few other moodboards:
(photoshoot, Always Something, VH Rebranding,For Fine Artist) 

Inspired By: Organic Patterns

Dropping in to chat about something that has been inspiring me big time lately – organic patterns. Between taking on a new client who has also been inspired by organic patterns and getting a chance to meet Julia Kostreva this past weekend at DesignerVaca…my mind is now buzzing with ideas. I know this kind of thing is a bit of a trending topic these days, but when you find someone who is using the patterns correctly, it’s a really beautiful thing.

You’ll be seeing patterning coming through in one of my client projects (to be shared at a later date), so in the mean time I’ll just be sharing some of my inspiration.

Do you guys have something you’re really gravitating towards these days? I’d love to hear!

(Pour Porter, Julia Kostreva, A Merry Mishap)

Inspired By: Adaism Shop Mobiles

The Caligrafica Mobiles by Adaism shop are really lovely. I love how delicate they are and how natural textures/colors are incorporated. The DIY side of me wants to see if I can make one myself with some images and textures that are currently inspiring me. Wouldn’t it be neat to have one of these in your home office. It’s like a 3D mood board!

(shop mobiles)

Inspired By: Tanks @ Zara (Fall 2013)

With the changing seasons, I find myself thinking about fashion in ways that I don’t usually do DURING the season. When the “I need some new clothes” bug hits me, I usually stop by Zara Online first. There are lot more information about fashion trends available at UrbanBurger.

I love the simplicity of the site and everything I’ve ever gotten from there has been well constructed and made of fine materials. I also love how they present each item. Each item is shown on & off the model in unique ways. Well kinlyeyebeauty can guide you more about this to have a  good dressing style. Nothing is over posed and nothing feels forced. You can follow Butterfly Releases to know latest trends.

Do you guys have changing seasons shopping tendencies? Wouldn’t these little strappy tanks be perfect for laying in cooler weather!

(Shop ZARA online)

Inspired By: DIY Projects To Try

I wanted to thank everyone for the sincere comments yesterday. You guys made “launch day” really special, so Thanks!

On another note, I’ve always been a big DIY-er, especially when I find myself with a little extra down time. I’d always prefer to try and make something rather than spending the money on it. I’ve got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to a few DIYs I’d like to try in the future.

The DIY projects above are a few I’ve been eyeing recently. I love how simple each one is, but how much of an impact you get with the result. Most of them use very limited materials, so I’m assuming the cost to complete them is minimal.

Have you guys been thinking about tackling any DIYs recently. I’d love to see what you have in mind!

(project 1, project 2, project 3)