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Veda News: Observing

One of my favorite blogs to read and bloggers to follow is Jodi of Practicing Simplicity. She’s got a beautiful soul that appears to be full of patience and adventure…in my opinion two really important character assets. I use her blog as a calming tool after a long work day. Recently, Jodi posted a list of random thoughts and it got me thinking. More importantly, it got be observing where I am TODAY….taking mental notes along the way. Thanks Jodi!

I am…

making the last of the wedding DIY projects.
cooking lots of salads and trying not to eat bread!
drinking lots of my new found favorite – hazelnut coffee.
reading Souther Makers by Jennifer Causey.
wanting spring to stick around and for summer’s arrival.
looking at all the flowering trees.
playing The Lumineers – their songs are contagious.
wasting my time sitting on the couch.
sewing  nothing – I’m not even going to pretend.
wishing for ice cream to appear in my freezer.
enjoying working from home in my studio.
waiting for May 17th – wedding day!
liking having the windows opens and curtains blowing.
wondering if being married will feel different.

loving taking on more photography jobs.
hoping this week flies by – really enjoying my weekends.
marvelling at how things tend to just work out.
needing to workout.
smelling coffee brewing in the french press
wearing jeans and a t-shirt (without a coat!).
following my gut and recognizing my priorities
noticing qualities of true friends.
knowing that all I have to do is take it one day at a time.
thinking about having an early lunch.
bookmarking more and more ideas on Pinterest
opening boxes containing photoshoot props!
giggling at the pup who is afraid of ALL sounds.
feeling anxious, but also super excited at the same time.

( photo from Veda House Instagram )

2014: onward & upward

First, I’d like to congratulation Lily of Gold & Straw for being chosen as the Diario Shop Giveaway winner! I’ll be emailing you soon about details 🙂 Thank you all for your support of this blog and participation in this little giveaway!


I’m completely aware that it’s now January 14, and I’m just now posting about my hopes and dreams for 2014. A little behind the game, I know. That’s ok though, right? There are so many unknowns for the upcoming year, but oddly enough..there are a lot of things already determined. I’ve never had this many BIG life changes happening at once, so wish me/us luck.

Last year at this time, I set 5 parameters for which I would use to guide my decisions and plans for 2013. The parameters were simple… 1. Let it Be, 2. Be More Present, 3. Be Adventurous, 4. Follow My Heart & Feed My Soul, 5. Be More Conscious. I’m pleased to say that I feel I’ve done a good job in all five areas, specially #4. I now have a good foundation for all the wild adventurous that 2014 has in store.

An Ode to 2013

A realization that we (creatives) are all faking it.  /  A makeover to my guest bedroom
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Our wedding Save The Dates  /  A chit chat about in-home photo studios
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Creating our first Thanksgiving table  /  Thoughts on turning 27
(Table Design, Turning 27)


Writing “Notables” posts all year  /  Our Scouting Trip in Florida  /  Sharing inside my home studio
(Notables post, Trip To Florida, My Studio Tour)

Hi Guys! So glad to see so many people entering the Diario Shop giveaway! Thanks for all your continued support of this little blog of mine 🙂

I wanted to take a little time to look back through some of my favorite blog posts (to share and create) of 2013. All the highlights are in the images above! 2013 was the first year where I felt this blog had a clearer voice an the content was really starting to represent what I wanted it to. I hope you enjoy looking back as much as I did!

I’m always looking for new ways to share content, new collaborations and maybe a new column here and there. If you have any ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Cheers to an even more exciting 2014!

Giveaway: Diario Shop (closed)

Good Afternoon!

If you have freezing cold weather where you are, I hope you’re staying warm.

Today I’ve got a giveaway for you and a really great shop/artist to share with you. At the end of last year, Moises Hernandez (furniture + product designer) contacted me asking if I’d like to give one lucky Veda House reader a little something to start the new year off right. I jumped on the opportunity because aren’t these handmade pieces just adorable!! I love their simplicity and versatility. The two cups and napkin were designed to be a part of his Diario Shop collaboration.

If black and white isn’t your favorite color scheme be sure to check out the Dario Shop to browse all products from this collection. I’m also loving the Red Clay pieces in the collection.

One lucky winner will win this full set ( one enamel coffee mug, one enamel tequila cup, and one napkin )

Here’s How To Enter:
1. Visit Diario Shop to check out the rest of Moises’ beautiful work
2. Leave a comment below telling me your biggest goal of 2014 🙂

That’s it. Best of luck. Winner will be announced Tuesday, January 14th.

Veda News: Hello & Brrrr!

Hi Guys! Wow, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve visited this space. The last 2 weeks of unplugging was exactly what I needed to do to transition into the new year. During my time “off”, I thought I’d have all these ideas swirling around my head about what I’d want to come back and blog about, but honestly…my mind never wondered in that direction. This was my indication that taking a break was way over due. I hope you all were able to unplug at some point during the holidays.

Now that I’m back, I’ve been a busy bee planning an exciting start to the new year. Later today I have a wonderful giveaway lined up with Diario Shop (some lovely home goods). Later in the week there will be  a look back at my favorite posts of 2013, a little chit chat about what freelance life means to me these days, and even a little sneak peek at some of my recent work with The Design Confidential.

Veda News: A Holiday Unplug

We’re getting closer and closer to the end of the month, which for me means that I get to go spend some decent time with extended family and unplug from all digital devices a bit. I’ve been looking forward to this moment all month long and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m feeling a bit run down from all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and a super busy working season (which I’m super thankful for).

Just a little heads up, this space is going to be pretty quiet for the next two weeks. I’m going to do my best to completely unplug from the computer and start up posting again in the new year. I’m hoping this time away will inspire me to come back with new creativity and new ideas for collaborations.

I look forward to chatting about anything and everything in the New Year. Please take the time you need this Holiday season to unplug yourself, rest up, and soak in all the family time that comes with the season.

Thanks for all your continued support of this blog and my tiny little growing business. Happy Holidays!

Giveaway Winners (Maple+Mauve)

Here we are folks! Back in the swing of things and pushing towards the holiday finish line. I wanted to thank you all again for being such loyal Veda House readers. You all shared your love for the Jewelry brand, Maple + Mauve and two of you are lucky winners.

Congratulations goes out to Caitlin P and Kelly B!!! Please check you email inbox for an email from me.

Giveaway with Maple+Mauve – Ended

Hello everyone. In the spirit of the American Thanksgiving happening this Thursday, I thought I would host a special giveaway with the talented Sera of Maple+Mauve Jewelry to thank my readers for your continued support of my growing business and for all the chit chat we have each week. I’m feeling all the love and absolutely want you guys to know how important this space/and you guys are to me.

Maple+Mauve is based out of Seattle and is putting out some REALLY beautiful pieces. I’d like to think that my personal style (fashion-wise) has a little bit of an edge to it, with simplicity as the main focus. Sera’s pieces fit RIGHT into that aesthetic and I’m so happy to be able to share them with you.

TWO lucky winners will get a chance to add one of these necklaces to their holiday wardrobes. TWO winners will be chosen and contacted next Monday (December 2).

Here’s How To Enter:
1. Visit Maple + Mauve to check out the rest of Sera’s beautiful work
2. Leave a comment below telling me which of the two necklaces (cube or sphere) you like best and how you might style it 🙂

That’s it. It’s super simple.

Thank you so much for all your continued support and I’m wishing you all the very best Holiday season.

( Shop M+M, Follow M+M )

SALE: Prop Closet Sale – Camera Gear / Part 3

This week’s sale is all about camera gear, new and old. I’m clearing out the pieces I no longer use or the pieces that are collecting dust! I’ve always been drawn to photography and the actual technology throughout the decades. I know quite a few of my readers share the same fascination, so here are some goodies for you. You can view previous sales here & here. (A few items are still available )

Here’s how it works:

1. Email Me:  Shoot me an email letting me know what item you are interested in. Please send your home address in the initial email so I can calculate shipping costs.

2. Shipping Cost:  If you are the first to respond to an item, I’ll email you back with an estimated shipping cost.

3. The OK:  You’ll OK the final cost and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice to you.

4. Ship It:  I’ll ship your item out to you asap!

If you have any questions about any of the listed items feel free to shoot me an email. Some of the items I have additional images I can share.
Shipping to US & Canada (additional shipping cost for Canada)

Veda News: Help for the Philippines

Last night I was contacted by Lucia from Utterly Engaged magazine and creator of a lifesaving website called For Philippines With Love. She informed me that today (Friday, November 15) was going to be an official “bloggers day of silence”. This simply means that instead of posting our regular scheduled content, we’d share the word of For Philippines With Love and encourage donations to the cause.

I thought this was a fabulous idea and immediately jumped on board. Here’s a little snippet from Lucia.

” What’s happening in the Philippines is a terrible tragedy, and I’m not one to sit and just watch it happen. Our goal is $3,500 and we’ll be donating to ShelterBox (for emergency shelter) just because we know that daily living essentials are so needed over there right now.”

Here’s How you can help

1. Participate in today’s Day of Silence and spread the word!

2. Visit the official website & Donate today!

3. Purchase the first IN PRINT issue of Utterly Engaged to donate 10% of your purchase!

4. Explore other causes who are making a difference