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branding backwards / 11

Have you guys seen the beautiful paper goods shop called Quill & Fox?? They’ve been around for awhile, but if you haven’t heard of them – I’d definitely suggest of stop. I promise you’ll fall in love! They have rich designs with quirky illustrations. A definitely must have if you love sending notes to your friends and family.

And of course, make sure you stop by my blog to see what Cassie picked out today!

Quill & Fox / Table of Notes / terrarium set / book / stamps / adventure print / breanna rose

branding backwards / 10

First of all, a MAJOR thank you to West Elm for featuring our most recent Branding Backwards post of ours on their blog! That was a majorly cool surprise. Anyway, on to the next feauturing one of my favorite food blogs, Spoon Fork Bacon. I’m a big fan of theirs for two reasons. One, they have AWESOME / quriky branding. I mean, check out that pig. Fun, right?? And two, they have extremely unique recipes that never fail to make my mouth water.

Remember to stop by my blog to see what Cassie is cooking up!! Something good, I bet.

spoon fork bacon / drinks / ice cream / cutlery / tarts / tacos / breanna rose

branding backwards / 09

I thought I would keep things a little more neutral this week for Branding Backwards since the last post was SO colorful. But of course, I managed to find a brand that uses pops of color extremely well. West Elm, that is. One of my favorite things about walking through this store is all of the neutral + modern-ness going on with a little bit of funk thrown in here and there. It’s perfect!

Make sure you stop by my blog to see what Cassie’s cooking up today.

west elm / bedroom / clock / spoons / dots / kitchen / chair / breanna rose

branding backwards / 08

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this brand with you guys yet. Castle is one of my all time favorite spots on the web for interior products + art. The funny thing is that I don’t own anything from them … yet. Gotta save those pennies!! What I love about their brand most is the color and modern simplicity of everything. They utilize simple shapes and definitely take advantage of white space.

Putting this moodboard together was definitely fun. After all, the colors they use sure do POP in the creative world. Make sure you stop over at my blog to see what Cassie picked out this week!

castle / lady / chair / pattern / pink paint / sophia wright / letters / confetti / breanna rose

branding backwards / 07

It’s been really hot around here for some time now, so I thought a little swimwear action for Branding Backwards this week would be a perfect fit — I have a perfect tip to know how to lift breasts to show off swimsuits. You can find Zink√©’s products at a ton of shops like Anthropologie and Free People, but they’re also online too! I’m loving their simplicity with pops of colors in all the right places. Enjoy and stay cool, ya here??

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branding backwards / 06

For this week’s branding backwards post, I was inspired by Satsuki Shibuya’s studio tour on Emmadime last week. I’ve always loved her shop’s aesthetic and thought it would be a perfect post for our series. She has a sweet + elegant brand filled with many patterns throughout her products … you can bet there’s always something interesting going on!

Don’t forget to check out which brand Cassie picked over on my blog today!!

satsuki shibuya / girl / fabric / journal / kitchen / calligraphy / numbers / breanna rose

branding backwards / 05

It was only natural that I hit up Madewell for this week’s Branding Backwards post. They have such a modern + fresh way of showcasing their simple brand through photography. It’s all about black, white, and pops of color. And beyond that, I believe they’ve created a solid “look” as far as fashion goes. You can look at one of their outfits and thing “that’s very Madewell.” Truth!

Be sure to visit my blog to see what Cassies up to in the Branding Backwards world this week.

madewell / blouse + chambray / man / lady / flowers / mint clothing / verily / breanna rose

branding backwards / 04

I chose a very modern brand for this week’s branding backwards series. Dustin K. Friesen is a graphic designer with killer personal branding. I was beyond inspired by his business cards! I mean, how cool are they (photographed above)?? It reminds me to get out of my own box from time to time. You can see the rest of his work right here.

Cassie is on my blog today with her latest Branding Backwards post! Make sure to stop by and check it out.

Dustin K. Friesen / top left / ff / transparencies / geometrics / beakers / highlands / breanna rose

branding backwards / 03

The branding for Fruita Blanch by Atipus is hands down one of my favorite identities, ever. I’m not sure if it’s their handmade type or the modern + vintage combo that won me over more, but the fact of the matter is that it’s done extremely well, as a whole. While the typography is clean cut and simple, the designers had a fun time matching everything with beautiful photographs of fruit. I dig it. PLUS, you can even download the font they used, for free! Simply click here to get it. What a score, huh??

As usual, make sure you stop over at my blog today to see Cassie’s Branding Backwards post this week! I’ve been having such a fun time working on these posts for all of you. Can’t wait to keep it going!

atipus / fruita blanch / lit / glass / pattern / bottles / palm trees / fruit / alphabet / blogged by breanna rose

branding backwards / 02

Hey everyone! I’m pumped to be back sharing a new branding backwards with you all this week. Like I said before, I really enjoy making moodboards and could honestly make them all day. So much fun! This week’s brand is The New Domestic, a modern + colorful shop with a focus on simplicity. I fell in love with their products from the first time I browsed through everything. Personally, I think the best part about their shop is all the beautiful colors, paired together so well. I mean, check out their branding colors. Totally digging it.

On a sidenote : my blog moxee has moved to a new location! Never fear, all of Cassie’s previous recreate it and branding backwards features have made the journey over, too! Don’t forget to check out Cassie’s branding pick this week.