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Veda House, founded and run by Cassie Ballard, is a small branding and photography studio that guides its creative partners to find clarity in the conscious living and wellness space. Together they refine brands with ease, making an unforgettable impact along the way.

Veda House Philosophy

We all thrive when our brand values align with our personal core values.

At my core, I’m truly happiest when I’m creating with like-minded individuals who see the importance in bringing more of WHO WE ARE into WHAT WE DO. We want our businesses to resonate in a way that makes us feel like we’ve contributed to the larger whole in a really good way.

I've recently breached age 30 and my priorities have shifted. I’ve become more resilient, more mindful, and more invested in the mini ecosystem that surrounds me. Little by little, I help brands craft impactful stories that inspire us all to be “more” (more authentically us).

Veda House continues to grow with me as I continue to fine-tune my dream client – the mindful consumer and the influential brands that guide us to make decisions. I have a seamless understanding for these brands because we speak the same language, guide our businesses with the same mantra, and manifest our desires.

I believe that being truly MINDFUL is the ability to tie it all together – balance, intention, and soulful storytelling.


Ever since the start, Veda House has been about creating authentic connections.

I’ve been on a personal mission to inspire others to take that scary leap of faith to invest in themselves and their businesses. I feel it’s extremely unhealthy to ignore the inner fire within us.

It all began when I found myself within a bustling advertising agency after college. My days were spent focusing on brand platforms and photoshoots – all with a digital lens. On paper, it was a dream job with a cushy benefit package. My days were predictable and mostly mundane. Veda House started during those years and acted as my creative outlet outside of my 8-5. It’s during this time that I refined my visual aesthetic rooted in simplicity. Today, Veda House’s carefully curated aesthetic has been recognized by industry leaders, such as Design Sponge, West Elm, Domaine Home, and Remodelista.

For 4 years I grew Veda House behind the scenes. I witnessed what it felt like to work with insanely passionate entrepreneurs. I felt my inner core values being nurtured by the projects I was taking on and I was creating a sustainable creative process. There came a time when I couldn’t ignore the disconnect between who I was and how I wanted to spend my creative energy. I left the agency in the spring of 2013 to pursue my passion full-time.

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Since starting my own business in 2010, I’ve been able to dive deep into my creative process and truly access where I can help brands make an unforgettable impact.



You most likely have pin boards and folders overflowing with inspiration. You’re so over stimulated that you're paralyzed when asked to make important decisions about your business. Thankfully, I’m most powerful when I can help guide you through all the chaos to find visual clarity on the other end.

As Veda House continues to evolve, I’ve explored what it looks like to grow beyond just me. Ultimately, it’s the personal connection with the people I work that is the driving force behind my creativity. I want to continue to be an integral part of your team, providing one-on-one guidance every step of the way.

I’ll be nakedly honest and say that I don’t just want clients. I want creative partners who are unapologetic about their passion and fueled by collaboration. I want partners who understand that building a brand is much like birthing a baby, and that all great things take time. I want to attract partners who are just as concerned about the details as they are about the big picture. I want you to be excited to jump in alongside me and explore with depth. We’ll produce intentional and impactful results filled with soul. I promise!

“The macro level insight Veda House brings is fantastic!
Her guidance and ideas are huge for a startup where our minds
are in a million different directions.”


Give Back

The Veda House Blog

The Side Project that Started it All.

Since 2010, the Veda House blog has been a place for honest exploration and the place that set the foundation for the Veda House brand. It’s a place where I can explore the authenticity that it takes to run a conscious and sustainable business. It’s my go-to place to share behind-the-scenes stories, talk about the reality of running a conscious business and get inspired by brands and people who are living a life that is fully aware and vibrantly well.

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