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A New Mantra for Veda House


Wow!It’s been such a long time coming. This transition has been in the works for over a year and I’m beyond excited to finally share the NEW Veda House, follow me and read this article named New home? Here are 8 things to do ASAP. I’ve been getting some interested followers inquiry about why there is a shift happening around, so I thought I’d break it down for you. Hang onto your hats. This is going to be a beast of a post. Also bmtdesigntechnology visit to get more updates about new veda house.

1. There’s been a call for change 
Usually when the call for change sweeps over us, we’ve been living in a world of discomfort for some time, right? That’s where I’ve been recently…the in-between. Over the past year and a half, I’ve felt the desire to make some cosmic shifts in my business, but have been fearful of the fallout. Change is always scary! For some time now, I’ve been building Veda House with the “head down and go” mentality and somewhere along the journey the woman behind the screen got lost in the hustle. Veda House has almost exclusively been a one-man-band operation, so what do you do when your only employee (myself) is feeling disheartened? You pivot. You pivot hard. To get ideas about what you can do, visit and browse in their many articles and catalogs.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to find clarity and focus that has allowed me to rewrite the Veda House mantra. I’ve realized that I need to respect the ever-changing individual who guides this ship and be more intentional about how I spend energy. Simply put, bring more of who I am with what I’m doing.

The Finer Details with Akron Street

Hello Everyone! Long time, no chat. I bet you’re wondering where I’ve been and what the future of this blog looks like…I know, I know…sorry. Thankfully, after months and months away from this space, I’ve gained some clarity in how all this will transform. I plan to visit back soon to fill everyone in. In the meantime I wanted to share one of my favorite brands with you as I’m knee deep in a living room makeover, I have found the best coffee table for my living room, and that’s not the best part, I was also able to find great bulk table cloths to cover it.


Akron Street is a furniture company that specializes on the finer, simpler details that make up small space living. My husband and I have been moving around a lot these past few years, but have recently decided to stay put in our rental home for the next couple years. The Denver real estate market is just crazy these days, so we’ll need a few years to gather a substantial down payment for our first home purchase, we do recommend to use the composite door Bristol to keep your home safe. This means that I finally feel liberated to start purchasing “adult” furniture pieces that are made of quality materials and with sustainable processes. To view more blogs related to home interior and home improvement visit to dur experiment site.

We decided to start with our living room, the true heart of our home (because our kitchen is tiny). The challenge is finding quality furniture pieces that fit the small size of our living room and still felt “grown up”, if you know what I mean. Akron Street’s pieces do just that. They are compact, but so beautifully designed that they make a large impact. The wood the pieces are created of timber sheds has a really beautiful natural grain pattern and a stupid-simple construction that makes assembly a breeze (thank goodness!). If you’re thinking about getting this product shipped online to your house then if you’d like a better supplier for thermal liners and covers we recommend that one very much as have used them before and found them to be brilliant.

Credits & Sources: m dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

In collaboration w. Vuela Boutique / Kuppers & Wuytens

Hello there my faithful readers. It’s been a little over two months since I’ve last created content in this space, but I wanted to stop by today and share a fun little collaboration with you. I’ll hope to fill you in on why I’ve been MIA very soon. Thanks so much for your patience 🙂


When the company Vuela Boutique contacted me months ago, I just fell in love with their range of products and their sophisticated eye for curating the best mix of items. I’m a real sucker for uniquely crafted leather accessories, so when I saw that Vuela Boutique had a few items from Kuppers & Wuytens in their summer collection, I knew I had to share both these brands with you! The item shown above is the stunning Sophie bag crafted by the duo Jan Kuppers and Karen Wuytens, in Belgium.


Vuela Boutique was founded on the principal of bringing hard-to-find beauties back to the states. Founder, Marji De Las Alas says ” Vuela Boutique provides access to global design but with the personalized service you might find in a cozy neighborhood Boutique.” Her mission and brand story really resonated with me as I’m a firm believer of living with less and curating a home interior space that is rooted in story.  You can check out more Vuela goodies at the very first Pop Up Shop this Saturday!


Vuela Boutique Pop Up Shop


Althouse Boutique, Downtown LA

12-6 PM


Tailoring your Portfolio & Working with Dream Clients (pt.2)


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting emails from lovely readers asking me “how do you get your dream clients?” I’ll be the first to admit that I’m still learning and figuring out what ways of refining work for my business. I started this conversation a few months back in this post, but thought I’d stop by and share a few more ideas/thoughts. These tips are specifically meant to help with getting those dream clients into your portfolio.


1. Extreme Curation: Only show the work that truly aligns with where you want to go. I don’t think portfolios should be about proving where you’ve been, but more about paving a road for where you want to go. Be super selective in what you choose to put out into the world. Like attracts like.

2. The Classic Reach Out: Reach out to a brand you admire and offer your services for free. I wouldn’t do this all the time and I don’t really advocate giving away your talents for free, but if you’re just dying to work with someone, it might be worth it. That one project with your dream client can help move your portfolio into the direction you are trying to go.

3. Power of the Personal Project: Initiate a personal project. Sometimes it might be beneficial to make up a project that truly aligns with your vision. Just because it wasn’t paid work doesn’t mean it can’t stand tall in your portfolio and help you transform your portfolio. For me, I use my blog as a great place to explore new styles and play around with new photography techniques.

Outside the crop


Recently, I’ve been incredibly inspired and intrigued by what goes on behind the scenes of photoshoots. I know from personal experience, that photoshoots tend to be a messy job with lots of moving parts and not so pretty processes. People usually only see the final product, but I find the beauty to be in how you get to the final product. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been collecting a few “case studies” that show what happens outside the crop.

I’m kind of obsessed with finding these images online, so there will probably be more of to come 🙂


Veda House on Design Sponge


“ There is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.”

-Martha Graham


Back in 2010, when Veda House first started, Design Sponge was my go-to source of inspiration (along with Apartment Therapy, Design for Mankind and Bleubird). I didn’t read many blogs and visited Design Sponge daily, admiring what Grace was doing from afar. Jump forward many years later and DS continues to be among my daily reads, with favorite columns being Life & Business and the ever iconic Before & After. If you’re a Veda House reader, you’ll also know that the Design Sponge Podcast (After the Jump) has some REALLY amazing content.

When Life & Business column writer Sabrina Smelko (Hands & Hustle) contacted me asking if I’d be interested in sharing some small business/freelance advice with DS readers, I was ALL IN. I fan girled for a moment, jumped up and down….skipped a little and was giddy for the next few days. Design Sponge wanted to hear from me??? Waaaa??

I thought I’d share a link to the feature here on the blog today, more or less just to document this moment in time for my own personal reasons. If you don’t read Design Sponge, head on over and jump down the internet rabbit hole of awesome.

A huge thanks to Grace Bonney, Sabrina Smelko and the Design Sponge team for including me alongside some really talented and extremely inspiring small businesses and artists.

Read the interview here –>

In Collaboration w/ Penney + Bennett

I’m so excited to share a recent collaboration with you. I’ve teamed up with New Zealand based brand, Penney + Bennett. When these pillow cases arrived in the mail a few weeks back I was completely blown away by the brands attention to detail, craftsmanship, packaging, and high quality materials that make up each case. So stunning. I was truly giddy.


“Using only the highest quality natural cloth sourced internationally, the silks are hand picked and the linen is woven and dyed specifically for Penney + Bennett. The fabrics are the base for experimental prints consisting of a range of traditional painting, drawing, photography and digital techniques.”


My love for black & white runs deep, so I chose to style two Penney + Bennett classics – the Zinc Linen Large Cushion (in White) and the White Thatch Pillowcase (now sold in silk & comes in black). I think the large plan white cushions are my favorite. I love how they complemented everything in our bedroom and were both subtle, but added visual interest and texture. Wahoo…our bedroom is finally starting to feel grown up.

This post is a collaboration between Veda House & Penney + Bennett. Thank you P+B for helping me move one step closer to a “grown up” bedroom!

(shop Penney + Bennett) 

Studio Hours: Around Here

Happy Monday, Folks! Hope everyone was able to enjoy their weekend and get reinsured for the week ahead.

I’ve been challenging myself to stop and capture the beauty in my everyday. Sometimes it’s literally just pausing for a second during a photoshoot or admiring the shadows around your home.


My favorite lamp in my living room.
A beautiful stack of goodies by The Citizenry.
A “messy” corner in my bedroom with lots of pretty things.
Currently browsing the Small Spaces lookbook for Restoration Hardware.



New Work Coming: Moodboard for the Minimalist Mom

Life is still a little crazy pants over here, but everything is running smoothly. Isn’t life always crazy pants though? Now that we’re nearing the end of the first quarter of 2015, I wanted to start to share bits and pieces of a really exciting project that I’ll be working on for the majority of 2015. In the past, I posted some thoughts about gaining your dream clients and this is by far one of my dream clients.

The brand is called Nika Kai. Similarly to the work I’ve done with The Citizenry, this client has entrusted me with her brand “baby” and we’ll be designing everything from brand identity (logo, color palette, brand story, style guide, etc), collateral pieces (thank you cards, business cards, etc), packaging elements, e-commerce website and blog, and maybe a bit of photography thrown in there…fingers crossed.

When this client came to me last fall and we chatted in depth about what she wanted to accomplish and I was head over heals with everything she was proposing. Her visual inspiration and creative vision align perfectly with how I’ve been building Veda House (remember…dream project). This brand new company will be geared towards fashionable moms who haven’t lost their sense of style since having their little ones. These moms also have a eye for simplicity in all aspects of their life. I read the reading head start review at where I find out about many parenting tips.


Nika Kai is…
streamlined & minimal
soft & sophisticated
yet, approachable


Stay tuned for more pieces coming in soon! We’re working through the branding phase now and have landed on a really awesome logo. Can’t wait to share next week.

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Need some help bringing your brand/business to life? I’m here to help! Feel free to shoot me an email at casspyle (at) for more information.

Inspired By: Kristina Dam Studio

Stopping by to share the work of Kristina Dam Studio because her stuff has been inspiring me like no other recently. Kristina works with graphic designer elements, art & interiors. Her work nods to architectural elements and interior spaces, all done very minimally and with amazing light/textures. I think my favorite print of hers is this, called Palm II because it shows a behind the scenes glance at the Palm Series.

Hope she inspires you as much as she’s inspired me!