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Inspired By: Kristina Dam Studio

Stopping by to share the work of Kristina Dam Studio because her stuff has been inspiring me like no other recently. Kristina works with graphic designer elements, art & interiors. Her work nods to architectural elements and interior spaces, all done very minimally and with amazing light/textures. I think my favorite print of hers is this, called Palm II because it shows a behind the scenes glance at the Palm Series.

Hope she inspires you as much as she’s inspired me!

Notables No.49


Hey there everyone. We’ve made it to the middle of the week again. Wahoo! It’s been some time since I’ve shared some of my favorite links from around the web, so here’s a few mid-week distractions for you!

Mid-Week Distractions:

1. Some amazing furniture pieces by Mr. & Mrs. White

2. I love everything about this layered outfit

3. Stunningly simple bookshelf styling

4. Extremely beautiful table by Menu

5. This chair by Canoe Goods

6. These colors are inspiring a current project of mine I love this lookbook spread

7. Bon x Desert Vintage – Spring lookbook

8. I love this lookbook spread

9. A snapshot of Le Courbusier’s Church

What Freelance Topics Interest You Most?

Finding beauty in the everyday can be challenging at times, especially when you’re schedule is too full and your energy levels are meh…Not to mention their is a foot of snow on the ground. My camera gear is finally unpacked and I’m going to try and capture more still moments to remind me about the beauty of the everyday. Today…I made the bed! Hooray for Monday mini successes!

If you’re looking for an ideal home for a family with lots of potentials, take a good look at the fascinating and unique set of Barrie real estate for sale from Darya. This exciting area in Ontario is the most popular among people looking for a new home in Barrie, housing some of the best private luxury estates in the Barrie. Showcase IDX announced that some real estate owners use IDX WordPress plugin with the combination of the latest technologies so if would be easy for the home buyers to search for their dream real estate property.

With plenty of options to choose from in both traditional homes for sale or in trendy new build developments, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing this exciting area for their new home dedicated to multifamily real estate investing.

We’re slowly getting settled into our new home and working out a new day-to-day rhythm. With both my husband and myself working from home, the whole workflow has be thrown off since we’ve been surrounded by cardboard boxes and lots of unfinished projects. All good things take time, so I know we’ll get it sorted out sooner or later. Visit sustainabilitystreet for interior design ideas.

I wanted to stop by and ask a question for my readers. I know many of you come to this blog to gain insight into what freelance life might look like and I want to provide as many insights as I can, and that’s why I started the blog with the help of a guide on how to create a blog online.


Is there anything in particular (related to running your own business/ design/ freelance)
that you have been curious about?


I’ve covered LOTS of topics in the Freelance Journey section of this site, so if I’ve already answered your question, I can point you in the right direction. I’ve also answered many other questions (not all related to design/freelance in a two-part Q&A. You can read part 1 & part two.

Veda House – FAQ Answers (Pt. 2)

Aging is a natural part of life. Just like us, our pets grow old with age too! Unfortunately, usually much sooner than their human counterparts do.

As pets tend to grow older, they typically require a different style of care. With age, pets become less mobile, their hearing and sight aren’t as good as they used to be, and they can be more prone to various illnesses. Still, getting older is not by any means a death sentence and that’s why we’ve put together a few tips to keep your pet’s golden years happy and healthy!


Senior and geriatric pets generally need different diets to help prevent obesity, many of which are high in fiber to improve gastrointestinal health. Since older pets tend to develop lower energy requirements and a slower metabolic rate, they are more likely to become overweight or obese.

Regular Exercise

It’s important to ensure that your pet, while senior, still experiences regular forms of exercise. Senior dogs, in particular, should still be getting regular walks throughout the week, however, make sure to keep them short and try not to overdo it especially if your pet is experiencing any kind of medical condition. Exercise helps to keep your pet’s minds occupied, their weight healthy, and their bodies strong.

Regular vet checkups

Since our pets age quicker than we humans do, they need regular checkups and exams more frequently than humans! Consulting with a veterinarian or technician a few times per year is the best way to ensure your pet stays healthy and ages with grace.

Vaccine & parasite protection

Vaccinations play a crucial role in preventative wellness. Keeping your pet’s vaccines up to date is vital to good health. Pets, like people, can be protected from diseases and illnesses by vaccination. Vaccinations are essential to protecting your furry family member by creating a defensive level of antibodies to build up immunity from communicable diseases. This is the best way for getting rid of fleas of cats.

Maintain oral health

A pet’s mouth is the portal to their body and good dental hygiene is key to their physical wellbeing. There is a direct relationship between a healthy mouth and the health of critical internal organs such as the heart and kidneys. Having healthy teeth and gums is one of the most important ways to help your pet avoid hidden infections and pain. Pets are masters of disguising these symptoms and taking a proactive approach to oral health care for your pet ensures they don’t suffer in silence from these concerns.

Regular grooming

Grooming is a great way to ensure your pet’s health is well taken care of. As your pet ages, taking an active role in grooming becomes significantly more important. Older pets often groom themselves less and may have trouble cleaning those hard-to-reach places. Helping groom your pet daily is also a great way to ensure you’re constantly checking over your pet for any skin conditions or medical concerns!

Noteworthy Podcasts/Presentations

Happy Monday folks! It’s been some time since I’ve shared some podcasts in this space, so I thought I’d stop by with a few that have inspired me lately. I work from my home and listening to podcasts is a bit part of my daily routine. I find that having something entertaining to listen to while I edit photos or work through a website design helps me keep focused and inspired throughout the day.  Here are a few to check out.


Becky Murphy on The Lively Show: Becky gets extremely honest about the pro & cons of running your own creative business. She gives a few insights into her personal insecurities and what she does to combat those doubts. Listen Here

Kathleen Shannon’s Being Boss Podcast (all episodes): I’ve completely fallen in love with this brand new podcast series. Kathleen and creative partner Emily Thompson talk about things like professionalism, “doing the work”, taking time off and many more entrepreneurial-type questions. Listen Here

Pure Green Podcast: If you’re looking for a few chats about how to live a healthy life and to be inspired by those that practice what they preach…check out Pure Green podcast. A few topics I’ve found interesting are “Living with Less and Loving It” and “Eating and Living Mindfully”. Listen Here


I’ve shared many favorites in the past. View the last Noteworthy Podcast post here. Other all-time favorite talks by Megan Gilger, Kate Arends, and Lynn Casper.

Unexpected Move & Life Update

Hello Everyone! Boy oh boy. Life has been crazy lately and I’m seriously missing this space. I’m trying to get myself back on solid ground so I can focus on me, my business, and this creative outlet of mine. Thanks for the patience as I weather the storm.

At the end of January, new homes in Savannah came up on the market and we found one that was perfect for us. However, we still have some repairs to be done like heating and cooling repairs as we need to install a new AC system (you can visit their website here) by experts like A Quality HVAC Services: AC repair in Goodyear (you can also visit sites like if they’re located near your area), garage doors (you can learn more about it on the Action garage door official website), and even little touch ups. Get More Info here on repairs if you’re also moving like us. But, we found it best rather than buying a new house and lot. For additional HVAC options and guidance, visit You can get started now .

We weren’t planning on moving until the summer, but when the right opportunity comes along…you have to jump on it. We had decided to hire the services of House Movers, and when we called them they were more than happy to fit us in their schedule.

Homeads Barrie have been a big help, especially in the crazy housing market here in Denver, first you need a good coverage and navigating through all coverage offers for your home is the best thing to have it all decided. Needless to say, I was thinking to spent the last month boxing up all our belongings, moving but then one of my friend suggested me to hire man and van mover and packer and he guided me with Irvine movers , I must say they are highly professional people that are perfect if you’re looking for long distance movers. They have exclusive trailers and transport containers which can solve your very purpose for safe, secure and immediate reposition of goods. They have professional workers who expertise in packing of various items whether big or small which save time and prevent any harm. By hiring a mover and packer you can have a stress-free-movement of such items and trying to get our lives back to a normal rhythm. If you are moving to a new home be sure to sign up for utilties Calgary prior to move in. We’ve officially been in our new house for a solid week and we JUST got internet installed. You can also get one installed with a phone by EATEL or other providers. Many things to consider when moving to boston like security, Cost, Food, Public transport and much more. Moving is the pits! Onward! For another option you can also approach to Vector Moving  . Unlike traditional storage facilities where anyone that is storing their items can access the facility with or without an employee onsite, we have storage units boise where always have a member of our team present while you access your items. This makes it impossible for others to access your precious belongings. You can visit for better information.

During the month of March I’m going to try and really get back into this space, sharing more. So much is going on behind the scenes that I feel I’m a bit behind. Social media is a funny place. When you’re “IN” it, you feel amazingly energized and connected, but as soon as you step away for some time…it feels impossible to get back “IN”. If feels as if though everyone else is “DOING” and you’re sitting back and just watching silently. Such a weird/paralyzing feeling. These are the top self storage centres in Melbourne to save time and money.

Anyway. I’ll stop babbling before this comes another manifesto about my love/hate relationship with social media. But for now, I’m going to go to Dewaard & Bode and pick up some appliances. Then, I’ll also be looking for experienced AC installation services (Get More Info here) to install my new unit. You can visit web site for more information on air conditioning units. After that, I’ll check out sites like so I can get started with my new furnace. If you’re looking to move like me, you can view this page to find available listings. You can also check out sites like for more options. I’ll be back shortly and can’t wait 🙂

Recent Work: An Update for The Citizenry

Today I’m bringing some color to the blog. I know you’re shocked! Haha.

The work I do for The Citizenry is some of the most fulfilling work I’ve done to date and I’m pretty excited to share another update with you. After the holiday madness settled down, The Citizenry has launched a few new items to the shop that are beyond stunning. If you’re looking for a cosy throw blanket, a fun handmade wooden tray to entertain, or a jaw dropping Tripolina stool, these pieces are meant for your home! The girls are currently dreaming up Collection Three coming in a few months, so I’m sure there will be many more goodies to share. How freakin’ exciting! Also, thank you for being so supportive to this growing brand. We are so pleased with how many people are loving what we do.

Inspired By: MENU

It’s been awhile since I shared a brand that inspires me. MENU (a Danish Homegoods brand) has been a go-to source of inspiration for a few years now and I’m just always blown away by their beautifully styled lookbooks. The colors, the lighting, the simplicity, and the general overall mood created. So stunning. Aside from a beautiful lookbook, MENU products are really elegant and simple.


If you’re interested in seeing other brands that are an inspiration to the work I do,
you can scroll through the whole category.

Browse whole category

I’m afraid of torrential downpours (the good and bad kind)


This past fall, I had the opportunity to contribute on article to the Fear Confessions series over at Organized Creatives (thanks Krystal for having me). My confessed fear was being afraid of torrential downpours of the creative kind. Even since that featured was published back in October, I’ve experienced both the good and bad kind of downpours, so I thought I’d share that essay here on Veda House with a few amendments.

I’m afraid of torrential downpours (the creative kind).
Shared By: Krystle Lilliestierna ON OCTOBER 14, 2014

If you know me on a more personal level, you’ll know that I frequently talk about missing my calling to be a professional (paid) storm chaser. I’ve always loved watching thunderstorms roll in and secretly hope I get to experience the beauty of a mid-western tornado…only if no one is hurt in the process. Knowing this, it might be peculiar to read that I’m afraid of torrential downpours. How silly is that!

I should clarify a few things. When I’m talking about downpours, I’m referencing the phrase “when it rains, it pours.” I should also note that we aren’t talking about a delightful rain shower here, we’re talking about the “when it rains, it pours in a bad flood kind of way that destroys everything you’ve been building…” kind of sprinkle.

As a freelance designer, I jumped into this career knowing perfectly well that the job title comes with a lot of uncertainty. I’m constantly terrified that the struggles of running my own business will evolve into something I can’t keep grasp of. I’m afraid that if I lose one client due to budget conflicts, that I’ll lose ALL my clients to budget conflicts. I’m afraid that if I am unable to regain inspiration for an upcoming project, that I’ll lose my inspiration for everything future project. I’m afraid that if I make one huge mistake, that the result will negatively impact everything that follows.

I know all of this sounds a bit extreme and maybe I’m exaggerating just a bit, but the fear of getting stuck in a downpour is debilitating. The phrase “when it rains, it pours” has proven to be true in my life time and time again so I have a few tips that might help weather the storm. Let’s also remember that it can shower a whole lot of “awesome” (aka: paying work) too. Those of you consumed with work and drowning in the process know exactly what I’m talking about.


Tips for the good and bad kinds of downpours after the jump!

Notables No. 48



Happy Friday, Friends! We’re doing things a little different over here today. Usually I share a collection of my favorite links from the week, but I thought that I’d share a few items on my holiday wish list this year. It appears I’ll be doing a lot of cooking and wearing clothes. HA! Hopefully these ideas help you with your gift buying duties 🙂

A few holiday gift ideas:

1. A new (fancy) teapot –  here

2. Book: Tartine Bread by Chad Anderson

3.  Beautiful scissors by Individual Medley

4. T-Bar earrings in gold – here

5. Buddha aromatherapy diffuser for essential oils

6. Book: Sunday Suppers by Karen Mordechai

7.  Book: What Katie Ate by Katie Quinn Davis

8. Sorel Out and About boot

9. The worlds softest tee – here