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Recent Work: An Update for The Citizenry

Today I’m bringing some color to the blog. I know you’re shocked! Haha.

The work I do for The Citizenry is some of the most fulfilling work I’ve done to date and I’m pretty excited to share another update with you. After the holiday madness settled down, The Citizenry has launched a few new items to the shop that are beyond stunning. If you’re looking for a cosy throw blanket, a fun handmade wooden tray to entertain, or a jaw dropping Tripolina¬†stool, these pieces are meant for your home! The girls are¬†currently dreaming up Collection Three coming in a few months, so I’m sure there will be many more goodies to share. How freakin’ exciting! Also, thank you for being so supportive to this growing brand. We are so pleased with how many people are loving what we do.

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