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Recently, I’ve been incredibly inspired and intrigued by what goes on behind the scenes of photoshoots. I know from personal experience, that photoshoots tend to be a messy job with lots of moving parts and not so pretty processes. People usually only see the final product, but I find the beauty to be in how you get to the final product. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been collecting a few “case studies” that show what happens outside the crop.

I’m kind of obsessed with finding these images online, so there will probably be more of to come ūüôā


Inspired By: Kristina Dam Studio

Stopping by to share the work of Kristina Dam Studio because her stuff has been inspiring me like no other recently. Kristina works with graphic designer elements, art & interiors. Her work nods to architectural elements and interior spaces, all done very minimally and with amazing light/textures. I think my favorite print of hers is this, called Palm II because it shows a behind the scenes glance at the Palm Series.

Hope she inspires you as much as she’s inspired me!

Inspired By: MENU

It’s been awhile since I shared a brand that inspires me. MENU¬†(a Danish Homegoods brand) has been a go-to source of inspiration for a few years now and I’m just always blown away by their beautifully styled lookbooks. The colors, the lighting, the simplicity, and the general overall mood created. So stunning. Aside from a beautiful lookbook, MENU products are really elegant and simple.


If you’re interested in seeing other brands that are an inspiration to the work I do,
you can scroll through the whole category.

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Inspired By: Michael Anastassiades Lighting

During one of my many morning Pinterest scrolling sessions I stumbled upon the beautiful work of Michael Anastassiades Рa London-based product designer. Whether you’re renovating your home or building new homes, skylights for flat roofs add a sleek and luxurious statement to any room. But what are the qualities of a roofing repairmen? Attention to detail, excellent problem-solving skills, and a commitment to safety are essential traits for ensuring the job is done right the first time.

We recommend taking a look at osvńõtlen√≠ catalog and plan you lightning design for a stunning new home. Find everything from light bulbs¬†to modern¬†chandeliers.


He creates objects that are minimal, utilitarian and
almost mundane, yet full of vitality one might not expect.


These particular pieces were created in collaboration with FLOS, a leading manufacturer of contemporary and modern light fixtures. Aren’t they just stunning! So minimal, yet so freaking interesting. If you hop on over to Michael’s website, you see modern light fixtures paired with a little bit more rustic/historically classic background….perfection. I’m actually a big fan of combining the unexpected (old & new). Check out my Pinterest for more inspiration.

( View Michael’s Work )

Inspired By: Trouvé Magazine (Get a free copy!)

It’s black friday!!! Woooop Woop. Haha. I don’t really indulge in the mall madness, but I do enjoy the holiday hustle and bustle. Wanted to drop in today with a fun inspiration post for those of you doing some online shopping. Trouv√©¬†Magazine is one of my favorite “in print” magazines (alongside other favs like Kinfolk, Sweet Paul, Collective Quarterly).¬†It’s pages are filled with creative inspiration, food & city guides, artist interviews, shop visits, etc – all beautifully photographed and perfectly bound with high quality printing/paper.

My client, The Citizenry is offering a FREE¬†copy of the newly released (hard to find in stores) second issue of¬†Trouv√© Magazine with any purchase. You also get complimentary gift wrap & free shipping from today until December 2nd, so don’t hesitate too long ūüėČ Head on over and shop my favorite items – The Zua Lamp, Light Cowhorn Tumblers & The La Brisa Throw.¬†I’ve also added Issue Two to my Amazon wish list ūüėČ

**Note: All photos above are from Trouvé Magazine: Issue One **

Inspired By: Minimalist Instagrammers

Instagrammer: Carol РAccount: @oylife

Instagrammer: Faith – Account: @faithlord

Instagrammer:¬†Victoria –¬†Account:¬†@oh.sopretty

Instagrammer:¬†Alejandrina –¬†Account:¬†@alebesso

Instagrammer: Daniella –¬†Account: @daniellewitte

Hey there! I can’t really come up with any other excuse why I haven’t blogged a ton recently aside from the fact that I spend every waking hour on Instagram. Haha. No no. Just kidding. I do spend quite a bit of time browsing my favorite minimalist Instagram accounts and I find their eye for pairing things down very inspiring. I hope you can find a few new gals to follow!

Inspired By: Brookandlyn

Let’s jump on the weaving bandwagon today and oooo and ahhh over the lovely brand, Brook&Lyn. I know that home weavings and macrame are making a resurgence in blog land and creative shops, but I can’t help but love it. I can remember sitting on the floor in my childhood home with string tied to the base of a dinning room chair, braiding and tying macrame knots into the world’s best friendship bracelets. Some trends will never get old!

Brook&Lyn is a creative studio run by a husband and wife team. The brand was founded in 2009 and creates one of a kind weavings that embrace simplicity in pattern and color palettes. The team also dabbles in handmade wooden furniture pieces and home goods. A couple things to note…these two creatives take on custom commissioned work and have an amazing Instagram Feed!

( Browse Website, Browse Instagram )

Inspired By: Milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre (MNCQVQ)


MNCQVQ (the year 1984 in french) is a French textile brand that is just killing it with originality and authenticity in their designs. They create printed square silk scarves that features hand drawn/painted artwork by creators Amelie Charroin and Marie Colin-Madan. The duo has been featured in many reputable fashion magazines such as ELLE, Refinery29, Mademoiselle, and more. 

I love how the girls have stepped outside the box, yet still use some classic techniques on such a classic fashion item.

( explore the collections )

Inspired By: The Light Container – Guest Post with Ana of Blog Milk


Guest Post By Ana of Blog Milk

Ana is an Art Director, Designer & Developer living in Brazil.

Hello Veda House readers! This is Ana of¬†Blog Milk.¬†I’m ecstatic to be here today and so thankful that Cassie invited me over.¬†I recently found these beautiful lights designed by Basque Artist Mart√≠n Az√ļa. Mart√≠n gratuated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. His project¬†The Light Container¬†has made my day today.¬† The idea of having a floating mass of light inside a metallic basket as a lamp in my home sounds and looks exiting. Don’t you think?

( Read Blog Milk Blog, Hire Ana )


A HUGE thank you to Ana for taking time out of her day to contribute to Veda House while I’m away on my Honeymoon. You can view her great work and shop at the links above.

Inspired By: Oysho

Happy Friday everyone! Hope your week went well! If you haven’t entered the California Naturels GIVEAWAY, be sure to do so. There is some really great skincare products to choose from.

Today, I’ve got a fun brand to share with you. When browsing around for a key pieces to add to my wardrobe for the whole wedding month, I stumbled upon the clothing and accessories line Oysho. I loved how each piece has a hand made quality to it with focus on natural materials. Unfortunately, Oysho doesn’t ship to the United States!!

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