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Inspired By: Minimalist Instagrammers

Instagrammer: Carol – Account: @oylife

Instagrammer: Faith – Account: @faithlord

Instagrammer: Victoria – Account: @oh.sopretty

Instagrammer: Alejandrina – Account: @alebesso

Instagrammer: Daniella – Account: @daniellewitte

Hey there! I can’t really come up with any other excuse why I haven’t blogged a ton recently aside from the fact that I spend every waking hour on Instagram. Haha. No no. Just kidding. I do spend quite a bit of time browsing my favorite minimalist Instagram accounts and I find their eye for pairing things down very inspiring. I hope you can find a few new gals to follow!

15 comments on “Inspired By: Minimalist Instagrammers

  1. Very inspiring, I wish I could be a minimalist instgrammer but alas I don’t think it’s really my thing…might give it another go now I’ve seen these though! 🙂

  2. All the so called minimalist accounts show things, more things and more things ! Phew ! I wonder why they are so popular. They are showcasing things at regular intervals, that are usually stowed away someplace and not visible in the white washed homes with monochrome themes. Most photographs have no real significance. All about the presentation. The future of instagram photography though: neatly arranged things and selfies with moody filters from VSCO.

    1. I think the idea of minimalism in photography isn’t necessarily about living with less “things”, but more about the practice of restraint and simplicity. It’s take a lot of intention to be able to simplify a photo to it’s bare necessities and to explore what that means artistically.

  3. Agree. Minimalistic accounts on instagram have nothing to do with the minimalistic living principles like lack of obsession with things. Also, agree. All the attention is on carefully putting things together (like tea cups) artistically. #instagramCulture !

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