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Inspired By: Uncommon Matters

Hey there! Is it going to be spring yet? The midwest is just holding on to dear life to those chilly days and unpredictable storms…I’ve about had enough of it. With that said, I’ve been oooing and ahhhhing over all the spring jewelry and clothing launches these past few weeks. So many great things happening and some very unique “outside the box” kinda stuff!

One of those really unique brands happens to be Uncommon Matters. Amélie Riech, creator/artist/jewelry maker extraordinaire describes her brand like this…

“When traditional craftsmanship meets the immateriality of the future”

How awesome is that? Geek out moment. Want to learn more about her process or materials used, stop by her site!

( Browse Uncommon Matters )

Inspired by: HRUSKAA

It’s no shocker that I’m a big fan of Scandinavian design and home decor, so posting about HRUSKAA shouldn’t be a big surprise. This amazing little Etsy shop creates Scandinavian inspired decor pieces such as Himmeli Mobiles and plant hangers. I just love the geometric aspects and the simple materials used. The shop owner (Melissa from Michigan) does a really great job showcasing the roots of Scandinavian design.

( Shop HRUSKAA )

Inspired By: Kirstie Van Noort


Kirstie Van Noort does an extremely beautiful job at sharing a story behind a material. Kirsite researches the raw materials in a way that bring such authenticity to her work. She specializes in stoneware, earthenware and porcelain and has even created a “ceramic paint” that consists of a 108 different colors. All her work and color palettes showcase the beauty of the landscape that surrounds her.

( See More Work )

Inspired By: Moving Mountains

Happy Thursday folks! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared an inspirational brand with you, so today’s the day. haha . I’ve seen these beautiful images floating around in blog/pinterest/internet world and needed to do a little more digging to see who was responsible. The company is called Moving Mountains (based in Brooklyn NY) and it is rooted in industrial design practices. I found this aspect very interesting because my fiancé is an industrial designer/product designer so I have a good idea of what the design process is like. Also, the branding is beautiful and I just love the name!

I love the raw materials used and especially how simple the designs are. Large impact without a lot of fuss.

( Moving Mountains Website, MM Shop )

Inspired By: Alfie Douglas

I was catching up on one of my favorite online reads, the blog of one of my designer pals,  Jessica Comingore when I landed on the beautiful leather work of Alfie Douglas. Any type of leather work usually stops me in my tracks, especially when all the finer details are as well thought out as these beautiful pieces themselves. Also, not only are the products crafted with perfection, the entire brand language (logo, photography, lookbooks, etc) do an amazing job at telling the overall story.

If you’d love a new blog/designer/photographer to follow, please stop by Jessica’s blog!

(Photos from Alfie Douglas)

Inspired By: Gamma Folk, Brooklyn-Based Jewelry Line

I was reading one of my daily blog reads, Miss Moss and ran into the work of Jewelry brand Gamma Folk. The Jewelry line is based out of Brooklyn New York and is full of fun braided pieces. The lookbook for Collection #2 is just as beautiful as the pieces themselves. You can read more about them and shop here. Enjoy!

*Update: After posting this, Design Sponge posted a really great interview with lily Piyathaisere of Gamma Folk. If you want another look into the life of a creative business owner, you should read it!

(Miss Moss / Gamma Folk)

Inspired By: Annalenna's Hem

I’ve been a die hard Annalenna fan for a few years now and check in on her blog multiple times a week. I love her unique eye for styling, the lovely items in her shop, and the DIY projects she shares. One of my newly favorite features on her blog is called “one photo”, where she shares how only one photo has inspired her in some way. This new feature has introduced me to many other amazingly talented people.

If you’re searching for a new blog to follow – Annalenna’s Hem is definitely one to check out.

( photos )

Inspired By: Father Rabbit

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared a brand I’m loving. The last “inspired by” post was about Photographer, Carissa Gallo. I’m anxiously awaiting to find out if she’s had her baby yet. Anyone know? Wasn’t she the cutest pregnant lady of all the lands?

Today I’m inspired by the brand Father Rabbit. I’ve seen their products pop up once and while and every time they do, I swoon for days.  Father Rabbit is a housewares brand based out of Auckland, New Zealand. Stop by their online shop to pick out a few gifts for the holidays!

( photos – kara Rosenlund  )

Inspired By: Organic Patterns

Dropping in to chat about something that has been inspiring me big time lately – organic patterns. Between taking on a new client who has also been inspired by organic patterns and getting a chance to meet Julia Kostreva this past weekend at DesignerVaca…my mind is now buzzing with ideas. I know this kind of thing is a bit of a trending topic these days, but when you find someone who is using the patterns correctly, it’s a really beautiful thing.

You’ll be seeing patterning coming through in one of my client projects (to be shared at a later date), so in the mean time I’ll just be sharing some of my inspiration.

Do you guys have something you’re really gravitating towards these days? I’d love to hear!

(Pour Porter, Julia Kostreva, A Merry Mishap)