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Inspired By: Uncommon Matters

Hey there! Is it going to be spring yet? The midwest is just holding on to dear life to those chilly days and unpredictable storms…I’ve about had enough of it. With that said, I’ve been oooing and ahhhhing over all the spring jewelry and clothing launches these past few weeks. So many great things happening and some very unique “outside the box” kinda stuff!

One of those really unique brands happens to be Uncommon Matters. Amélie Riech, creator/artist/jewelry maker extraordinaire describes her brand like this…

“When traditional craftsmanship meets the immateriality of the future”

How awesome is that? Geek out moment. Want to learn more about her process or materials used, stop by her site!

( Browse Uncommon Matters )

4 comments on “Inspired By: Uncommon Matters

  1. Love your blog, outsanding and pure style, perfect and fresh pictures !
    Thank your for this jewel brand Uncommon Matters, great, I didn’t now them.
    Did you make their pictures ?

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