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Inspired By: Organic Patterns

Dropping in to chat about something that has been inspiring me big time lately – organic patterns. Between taking on a new client who has also been inspired by organic patterns and getting a chance to meet Julia Kostreva this past weekend at DesignerVaca…my mind is now buzzing with ideas. I know this kind of thing is a bit of a trending topic these days, but when you find someone who is using the patterns correctly, it’s a really beautiful thing.

You’ll be seeing patterning coming through in one of my client projects (to be shared at a later date), so in the mean time I’ll just be sharing some of my inspiration.

Do you guys have something you’re really gravitating towards these days? I’d love to hear!

(Pour Porter, Julia Kostreva, A Merry Mishap)

3 comments on “Inspired By: Organic Patterns

  1. Those patterns are pretty bad-ass. I was in Croatia a few months ago and there were beautiful patterns there, whether it was the sidewalk below your feet, the cliffs on the beach or the old walls of the houses. I haven’t gotten around to sharing any of the pictures on my blog yet but there’s one in particular of the beach I think you’d like.

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